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4 Styling Tips For Short Women

It can most times be a hassle for petite women to find the right clothes. Some stores don’t have petite sizes and those that do have it in limited selections. It is also common for women with smaller stature to be seen trying out clothes that are too long for them. 

Women with small stature can often have a style conundrum. If you fall into this category, then you shouldn’t be too bothered. 

Below, you will find several styling tips for short women.

  1. Don’t wear shapeless tops and dresses

Sack dresses don’t look good on short women. You must know the pieces and trends that are good for your stature. Roomy dresses work against you since they can engulf you in the fabric. 

Everybody has a different proportion and shape, and petite women are not an exception. So be intentional about shopping for petite dresses for women. Experts suggest you first identify what your body stature is. 

This ensures that you can find out stores that have clothes meant to complement your shape. Petite women look best in slim sheaths, wrap details, and fit-and-flare numbers. These clothes won’t engulf you. 

  1. Don’t wear puffy skirts

Short women should not wear puffy skirts. These skirts can make petite women look clumsy. But, you can choose vertical stripes or small-scale prints instead of horizontal stripes. 

The reason for this is that vertical stripes provide a long-focus point on your body while making you appear taller. On the other hand, horizontal stripes split your body into parts and make you look shorter. 

  1. Wear flare jeans

One of the best and most popular jeans for short women is the flare jeans. They flare out under the knee and are well-fitted through the knee. This provides a leg shape that is very flattering for short women. 

Apart from making your legs look longer, they make you leaner. Though flare jeans can make you look taller, you should be selective and opt for a modest flare. When the flare is very exaggerated, it might work in the opposite direction. That is, it can make you look shorter. 

  1. Define your waist

Every short woman should define their waist. This is important especially when you are curvy and short. You can show your waist definition in several ways. One of the easiest ways is to wear tailored clothes that cinch your waist. 

When you do so, the eye assumes anything under the waist is your legs. This, therefore, improves your body proportion. When you intend to wear dresses or tops that don’t cinch your waist, then use a belt to create one. 

Wrap up

Many women with short stature often hear compliments telling them how they look younger than their age. But, when looked at from another angle, petite ladies have short necks, legs, and arms. 

This gives them a little area to work on. So, they need to be very selective with their choice of clothing and also choose clothes that add height. But, with the above-mentioned tips, petite women can style themselves. 

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