As a mom, like most, I seem to find every excuse possible not to spend time or money on myself.  The boys get hair cuts every month, while mommy’s hair is in a bun most days.  Lilly loves to have mommy paint her little nails and put makeup on at her toy vanity, however mommy doesn’t find time to paint her own nails or face on most days.  Being a mom is an amazing job and there are many times I would much rather snuggle on the couch with a little person giving me kisses than spend time on myself.  However I’ve learned that if as mom’s we take a little bit of time to put ourselves first, we are better able to take care of everyone around us.

Spa Week 2014 is coming just in time for Spring!  The weather is getting warmer, the sun is shining and we’re all venturing out.  So what better time then now to spend some time rejuvenating yourself with a relaxing spa treatment.
Spa Week runs from April 21st – 27th, and to make it more affordable for all of us to enjoy, hundreds of spa’s across North America are offering $50 spa treatments!  Spa Week is a bi-annual event that takes place every October and April, making what can normally be an indulgence into an affordable part of a healthy lifestyle.
I was able to try the Stress Relieving Back Treatment at Bliss Spa and Salon in North Andover, Massachusetts.  I hold so much stress in my back.  I frequently feel the knots and pressure of that stress in my shoulders, added to that I have a few blemishes on my back along with chronic lower back pain.  When I was given the choice of a few treatments, the Stress Relieving Back Treatment jumped out at me immediately.
I felt relaxed from the moment I arrived at Bliss Spa and Salon.  I checked in and was brought to a beautiful waiting area to fill out a questionnaire.  As I sat in the dim lit room listening to the tranquil music, the stress of kids, home, and dinner was the last thing on my mind!

Once I was done with my paperwork, Amy an esthetician,
came and took me into a room to begin my stress relieving spa treatment.  I have had massages before but this was a completely different type of treatment.  It felt like a combination of a massage, back facial, and a wrap condensed into one treatment.  The moisturizing massage relaxed away my tight shoulders.  The exfoliating scrub,  warm steam, and extraction process left me feeling clean and rejuvenated.   Along with a hydrating mask that had a nice tingling sensation, this treatment left me feeling like I had taken a mini vacation in just 50 minutes.

After the treatment, I was able to take my time getting dressed, have a glass of water, and chat with Amy about a few skin concerns I had.
I definitely fell in love with this spa during my visit.  All the woman where wonderful from check in to check out.  I am counting down the days till Spa Week so that I can return for another treatment.  They are also offering an interesting Vitamin C Facial as a $50 Spa Week promotion, and I have convinced the hubby that it is a perfect early Mothers Day Gift.

After participating in this review for Spa Week, I was forced to really look at my experience in order to write about it, rather than just go through the motions.  Now I am baffled as to why I haven’t made this process into a much needed routine!  I came home from my spa treatment happier and healthier.  I was smiling, I had patience, and everything seemed calmer despite the chaos that comes from being an autism mom.
As a mom and a woman its so easy to jump into everyday putting everyone’s needs above our own.  However with Spa Week coming up, this is the perfect opportunity to take a step back and replenish yourself for a little while.
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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary spa treatment to facilitate this post, All opinions are 100% my own.

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