Whenever we travel to Brazil to visit the hubby’s home town we fly through Rio first because his home state’s airport isn’t an international one yet.  One of the perks of the international leg of the trip being overnight is that we always arrive in Rio during the morning hours and purposely schedule the last hour of our flight itinerary later in the day to allow for us to spend the day exploring Rio de Janeiro.  We’ve been up to Christ the Redeemer twice now and both times the experience was breath taking.

At the bottom of the mountain you can decide to take the train to the top or drive, locals drive themselves up but numerous travel companies have vans at the bottom and drive tourists up also.  The first time we went we took the train, and the second we took a van tour because the line to the train was extremely long.  After experiencing both, I would recommend the train trip every time.  Its a fun experience to ride the train through the “jungle” up the mountain.  The kids like looking for monkeys out the windows, and their is a band that comes on and plays amazing Brazilian music.
Once at the top the views are unbelievable.  I will never get sick of this adventure.  You have views of the beach, the mountains, and the soccer stadium.  Inside the Christ statue there is a small chapel where they hold services. 
Once done site seeing we stop at one of snack stands and get cochinas and juice before heading back down the mountain.

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