“This is a sponsored post from the Mums the Word Network & P’Jamerz. All opinions are my own.”
Like a lot of children, Aidan has sleeping problems.  One of the biggest things he complains about with sleeping is “having bad dreams”.  As a mom it breaks my heart that he is scared to go to sleep at night no matter how many times I reassure him before bed time.  We have tried nightlights, switching furniture around, limiting certain games and shows, unfortunately nothing has helped yet.  It’s become an issue for the whole family because we are all loosing sleep and not getting the rest we need.
I am very interested in a new product that is focused on helping kids conquer their nighttime fears, P’Jamerz!

 Four dreamers were given magical animal powers to help the twilight fairies defeat the evil Knightmare and his army of fear.
These dreamers have been chosen to become the magical dream knights known in the kingdom of DREAMWORLD as P’JAMERZ!
Conceived over 2 years ago, P’Jamerz are here to empower children to conquer their fears and nightmares. Each toy comes with an interactive storybook that will reinforce the story and help children have sweet dreams.


 P’Jamerz is a new company and has started a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the production of each plush toy character, storybook and the animated versions of each storybook.  This Kickstarter campaign will run until December 25th, 2014.  You can help P’Jamerz launch with as little as $5.

For as $5 donation P’Jamerz will send you 5 character cards and a P’Jamerz sticker.  If you can donate $15, P’Jamerz will send you one plush P’Jamerz character, A story book, and character card.
Check out the P’Jamerz Kickstarter page to see all the different donation levels!

“This is a sponsored post from the Mums the Word Network & P’Jamerz. All opinions are my own.”

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