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Bedtime has always been an uphill battle
in our house.  The kids never want to go to bed and setting up a night
time routine has been a continuous process.  We have been trying out our
newest routine over the last couple weeks and it has been working like a charm.

The kids’ bedtime is 8 o’clock.
 Anthony has to be up by 6:30 and the twins are up by 8, so aiming for an
8 pm bedtime is our goal.
After school we try to get homework out of
the way early so that any stress it causes is settled and out of their minds by
bedtime.  Then we have snacks, play, and dinner all before 7 o’clock so
that we have an hour to unwind.  Granted with
extra curricular activities, sports, and other
random activities that pop up, it’s not always possible to
maintain a strict down time at 7 rule.  However, we do make
a conscious effort to keep our routine in tact whenever

At 7 we start to settle down for the
night, I turn off the TV and turn off any unnecessary lights that
have been turned on through out the house.  Then it’s bath time, pj’s on,
the kids take turns reading some stories, prayers, snuggles, and then right
before bedtime I read the book “The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall Asleep”.
This is an interesting new book that I hadn’t heard much about prior to it being delivered.  Its approach is to help soothe kids to sleep using special language and tone of voice while reading. 
It’s a cute book that tells a story about a rabbit named Roger who can’t fall asleep so his mommy takes him to visit Uncle Yawn who can help anybody fall asleep.  Along the way he meets Sleepy Snail and Heavy Eyes Owl who give him some other sleeping tips.
All through out the story the focus in the text is on being calm and relaxing your body, and the vocal points that are cued to the reader correspond with that focus.  At certain times the reader is to yawn, insert the child’s name, and even pretend to sprinkle sleeping dust over the child.
My opinion:
I really enjoyed the story, I think it has
been a valuable asset to our nighttime routine.
During our routine, the kids have a chance
to read a story of their choosing, so this stops any fighting over which story
we will read at night and the children are excited when I come into their rooms
to read an extra story.  Plus the twins seem to get wound up easily, so they
can become a bit energetic while reading a sillier story .  This book
helps to calm them back down as they are told to relax their feet, relax their
legs, and other relaxing activities.

“The Rabbit Who Wants to Fall
Asleep” is a great extra step that has stopped me from having to go back
into the room over and over to stop kids from jumping around in bed. Since even
if they are not completely asleep when I leave the room, they are still fully
calm and relaxed and able to drift off to sleep soon enough.  This makes
evenings in my house a lot less chaotic and stressful!

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