For my thirtieth birthday, my mom booked a couple motel room’s up at Old Orchard Beach, Maine for Me, Antonio, the kids, Her and my father, along with 3 of my cousins and my Aunt!  Another aunt that lives in Maine came over for the day with 2 more cousins, and then another aunt drove up with yet 2 more cousins and stayed at a hotel in the next town over.  I had the BEST Birthday, my mom is AWESOME!
Slut Hats

Party With Sluts Hats


American Motel


The American Motel


Big Waves


Pirate Ship Ride


Father Daughter


Beach look Out


I hadn’t been up to OOB sense I was a teenager, I remembered it being fun, but I forgot how much!  It is an awesome place for a family vacation!  We booked this trip really late so it took calling over 15 motels to find one that had vacancy.  We finally found The Americana Motel.  We knew it probably wouldn’t be the nicest place, but they had availability and where walking distance to everything so we bit the bullet and mom booked it.  The motel was pretty clean, it was old, but the house keeping staff did a really nice job every morning cleaning and they were friendly.  This was not a renovated modern hotel, this was the epitome of an old beach motel.  Wood paneling, concrete porches, box televisions, seventies furniture, BUT it was clean.  The pool was nice, and very big, they had a swing set and grilling area, there was a large playground across the street, and it was a two minute walk to the amusement park, beach, and shops.  The front desk staff wasn’t the friendliest or most professional, but once checked in we didn’t see them again.
Now on to Old Orchard Beach!  LOVE! I’m not a big “beach” person, the waves scare me, the sharks scare me, and the sand everywhere annoys me.  However I like that its a two minute walk so the kids can build a sand castle and then go back and jump in the poopl  The amusement park is reasonably priced, and the kids loved just walking around on the pier.  The night life is great too, we hit up a couple small places that had different “happy hour” specials, and also went to the Brunswick which was really nice.  I love the whole go out for a few drinks, walk to get food, walk home, atmosphere.
Next summer I’m hoping to book a week long vacation up there, because there is so much to do we didn’t get half of it done in two nights.  However I plan to book early so right after the holidays I’ll be calling some of the motels I looked at to make reservations.  The Beachwood Motel looked really nice, I’ll be calling them first.
Old Orchard Beach Maine
Old Orchard Beach Amuzement Park


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