On our second day in NYC we started tackling Anthony’s list of must sees.  I still cant believe my little 8 year old wanted this for a vacation and to top it off had a list of what he wanted to see!  On the top of the list was The Statue of Liberty, so we walked down to battery park and took the boat over. 

 The kids loved the boat ride, Aidan in particularly thought it was awesome that they sold food on board.  Then once we got off they each got the talking tour radio’s that kept the little ones busy.  Anthony was so happy to see everything!
Then we took the boat back and headed down the path to grab a taxi, but had to stop and see the men holding snakes!  They let you hold the snakes and take a picture for $5.  Anthony wanted no part of it, Aidan tried but was terrified, Lilly on the other hand was just excited to take another picture of herself and grabbed the snake.

 For the second half of the day we headed over to the Top of The Rock, at Rockefeller Center.  Anthony had talked about going to the Empire State Building, but after talking to Uncle, he told me this was much better so we needed to switch plans.
The little ones loved the elevator ride up and down, and also the laser light play room.  Anthony loved that he could see EVERYTHING!


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