Anthony has been asking for about a year now to go to New York, so in the last full week of Summer Vacation we finally made the 4 hour trip down there.  He was so excited!  He didn’t want to leave and insists he will live in New York City one day.

On Saturday we took the munchkins to Dylan’s Candy Bar on Third Avenue.  I though Aidan’s eyes were going to pop out of his head the moment we walked in to this ginormous candy store, with a huge bunny statue and colorful lollipop sculptures.  I was nervous taking Aidan at the beginning, thinking we would surely face some meltdowns, but we had a really smooth trip.
There was three floors of Sweetness!
They had every type of candy I could think of, Antonio was loving there huge jaw breakers that looked like they could last a lifetime, I was in love with the mega candy buttons.  The kids wanted everything, but we settled on these big pops, some pez dispensers, and taffy.
I was shocked at the reasonable prices!  Going into any store in New York City, especially one known to be a tourist hot spot, I was anticipating $15+ lollipops but these big rainbow pops were 4/$10!  This Place was amazing and we will definitely be back on our next trip.


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