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I love that my kids have summer birthdays, this means our parties are full of barbeques, pools, and ice cream!
I have a few birthday party essentials that I have to keep on hand to throw the perfect party;
Water Play: kids have to cool off and what better way during the hot summer months, than to get wet.  We set up water tables, slip and slides, and best of all colored water balloons filled with water colored with food coloring.  The kids love watching the balloons explode all over each other.
Decorations:  We keep the decorations simple yet fun.  I like to tie balloons together to make an arch and scatter balloons around the house.  They work perfectly to create a great birthday theme, plus the kids enjoy popping them at the end of a fun day.
Food:  This is probably the most important for both the adult guests and the kids.  I usually cook out in the summer and include hamburgers, hot dogs, and fun side dishes.  For dessert its usually a delicious themed birthday cake.  However you can’t have cake without ice cream!
Have you ever been to a birthday party, where there’s cake but no ice cream?  It’s not complete!  That’s why I always get Hoodsie’s!  
Each Hoodsie cup is the perfect serving size, easy to serve and clean up, and everyone loves them.  I always buy an extra bag or two for the adults, because as soon as I pull out the Hoodsie cups I hear “if there’s any extras I want one” from every adult.  
They remind us adults of our childhood, and the kids just love the yummy ice cream!
What are your Summer Birthday Party Essentials?

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