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After the twins came I really had to start following a cleaning schedule.  Three kids make big messes all the time and if I miss a day of maintenance cleaning, my house quickly looks like a tornado hit it.  Toys, laundry, school papers, emails, vacuuming, everything just seems to pile up so quickly if mommy is out of commission for just one day.
After a couple surprises, where visitors came over unannounced with my house looking like I was in the middle of shooting for an episode of hoarders, I realized I needed to take control of my home.

This is what my living room looks like if mommy tries to take a sick day:
I sat down and made out a complete list of everything that needed to be done each week in order to keep my home functioning for not only myself but also my family.  After I had a huge master sheet, I started breaking things down into days.  This part will be different for everyone depending on how their schedule works, here is an example of what my cleaning schedule is like.
Every day I do a quick basic clean up, running through each room picking up stuff left on the floor, make the beds, and clean up other everyday messes.
I also try to get a load of laundry done, the dishwasher loaded and emptied, vacuum our living room which is the room we use the most, and wipe down the counters.
Saturdays and Sundays: We are out of the house for most of the day on weekends with family activities, sports, church, and fun.  However I always try to get in the everyday chores so that Monday doesn’t end up being too overwhelming.
Monday is Kitchen and Living Room Day:
Floors get washed, cupboards are straightened, I dust both rooms, wipe down appliances, do a full vacuum and declutter.
Tuesday is Bathroom and Hallway Day:
I scrub the bathtub, toilet and floors. Plus vacuum the hall and dust.
Wednesdays I try to run Errands:
I go grocery shopping, do a pharmacy pick up, and go to doctor appointments.  I also meal plan, update my planner and tackle my pile of mail.
Thursday is Basement and Outside Day:
I clean up the basement toys, sweep, and file papers in the basement.  Outside I clean out the cars and take care of any landscaping stuff.
Fridays I conquer the Bedrooms:
I wash all the bedding, get laundry put away, dust and vacuum the bedrooms.  Plus I try to declutter the kids toys and clothes.
Having a schedule helps me stay on track and prevents my home from getting to a point where it is too overwhelming to control.  Having the house cleaned and organized helps me keep my stress level down and I no longer worry about a surprise visitor stopping by.
At first the daily cleaning seemed intense, but as I got into it, I learned what tools I needed to keep me moving smoothly so that I can get each days chores done in as little time as possible.
For one, I delegate.  I hate matching socks, so Lilly takes over that job a lot of the time, she also loves to dust.  Aidan would vacuum all day if I let him, and Anthony helps daddy with the landscaping.
I try decluttering and getting rid of stuff everyday.  If I don’t things get piled up easier.  I also make sure everything has a place, this makes cleaning easier.  All the kids rooms have bins for toys, I have baskets for electronics, and a mail and filing bucket.
I also make sure I have the right cleaning products to make my cleaning process run smoothly.  I keep sprays, soaps, cloths, and sponges well stocked and in a carrying bin.  I have also found the perfect vacuum for our family.
One of my biggest pet peeves has always been how much time I waist cleaning out my vacuums brush roll.  Between Lilly’s hair, my hair, and all the dog shedding, our vacuum has to suck up lots of hair. 
I vacuum our living room at least once a day, if not more.  This is because of the hair that seems to build up so quickly and instantly makes a clean room look filthy.  Plus with Lilly’s asthma, I need to stay on top of the dog shedding.
Unfortunately you don’t know how many times I’ve had to sit on the floor cutting and pulling out the hair that has built up on a vacuums brush, trying to get them to spin again.  This has also caused us to burn out vacuums in the past and when you have a child with asthma, long winter months with no fresh air, and a dog in the house, going without a vacuum for even a day or two is pretty much impossible.
Now I have found the holy grail of vacuums for my house!  I can’t believe the technology the Eureka Brushroll Clean with SuctionSeal® vacuum has.  I feel like only a mom can understand how exciting it is when you find a vacuum that does everything you need perfectly and I am so excited!
So why am I raving about this nifty vacuum?
A: One of my favorite features of this vacuum is the automatic cord rewind.  I know some other vacuums have this, however I’ve never had a vacuum with this feature and I love how this saves me time and aggravation everyday!
B: The vacuum has both suction seal technology and airspeed technology, which helps generate the powerful suction this vacuum offers.
C: The part of the vacuum that leaves me in awe and wondering where this vacuum has been all my life, is the self cleaning brushroll!  Yes, that’s right, the brush roll cleans itself with the touch of a button!  No more fighting with the vacuum on the floor, scissors in hand, trying to cut out all the hair and making more of a mess to vacuum.  This vacuum removes the hair and tangles from the brush roll all by itself and sucks it right up into the canister!  If you have pets or long haired family members, or both, this is the vacuum for you!
The Eureka Brushroll Clean™ with SuctionSeal® is convienently available at Walmart stores nationwide.  How would this technology benefit your family?
Want to try this awesome technology?  Enter to win the Eureka Sweepstake!

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