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Moving long distances

As many of you know we recently made a huge move from Boston to Tampa!  With three young children that was no small feat.  I had seen friends and family move long distances prior to our move and used to think “what a fun adventure” never really comprehending how much work goes into a long distance move, especially with little family members.

I was able to start the planning and packing months in advance which was our biggest saving grace, I cant imagine moving on a small time crunch.  I was also able to employ the help of family and friends with packing and with keeping the kids entertained.  However, we still made mistakes and as first time long distance movers we did somethings that cost us more money and cost us time, but we learned some great lessons and are so excited we made the move.

After all the hard work and fun excitement, we learned some great lessons and are super excited about our new life in Florida.  Here are my top tips for long distance move as a family.

Top Tips for a Smooth Long Distance Move as a Family

1. You will want to pick up all of your doctor’s records ahead of time this is especially crucial if you have special needs children or are facing your own health issues.  I currently have my own disabilities that comprise of five specialists along with my primary care doctor.  My children have a neurologist, optometrists and their pediatrician.  We also have a full medicine cabinet of prescriptions and in order to be able to seamlessly find a doctor and continue with the care that has been working, having our medical records in hand makes our transition much faster.  Otherwise I would likely get down to Florida and have to have my records forwarded to my new doctor’s office which can take up to a month.  I am being type A and would rather have them in my possession to hand to doctors immediately, especially knowing that I will need new prescriptions after taking the long road trip down there.

2. Get your kids school records, my kids all have IEP’s and I worked very hard over the last two years to get all of my children’s needs met within our current school system and because the new school system will have to follow the children’s agreed-upon IEP from Massachusetts until we can come to a new agreement, I want to make sure I have all formal documentation of the IEP agreement in the school records.  This also goes with medical records; I may not be able to get into a pediatric neurologist immediately so having documentation of the disability when fighting for new IEP services is imperative.

3. Start cleaning out and stocking up early.  you’re going to need tons of boxes and you’re going to be getting rid of everything that is not a needed unless you want to spend a fortune on movers or drive two trucks, and we’re trying to do it the cheapest way.  After pricing shipping containers and truck rentals we decided I will drive the kids in the van and my husband will drive the moving truck and pull his car on the back this will limit us to 24-foot truck space with two adults and three children we currently have a three-bedroom duplex plus a basement full of stuff.  I have been spending the last 3 to 4 months slowly getting rid of stuff.  I have sold the kids old clothes, shoes and winter supplies on apps such as Poshmark.  I have consigned the kids toys at local consignment shop and I have donated countless boxes of canned goods, extra shoes, clothes and household appliances because if it’s going to cost more to bring it to Florida than it is to buy it in Florida it doesn’t make sense to me.

4. Create a moving binder to keep all your documentation in is also a great way to stay organized.  I know the kids will be home all day for the next month which means I was not fully unpacked until September, after an August 1st move, because no one wants to spend all summer unpacking. Having my medical records, school papers, birth certificates, and insurance info in a moving binder that I keep in my “priority moving box” makes losing documents or having to dig through boxes less likely to happen.

Corti Move

5. Consider getting rid of your old furniture and renting some new pieces with CORT Furniture Rental.  Moving can be stressful and getting all of your furniture from one state to another is expensive.  Starting off fresh with less stuff to pack and unpack will cut your stress in half.  CORT Furniture allows you to rent furniture whether you want a single piece of furniture, a whole room, or an entire house full, for as short or as long as you need.  Think of arriving at your new location without the stress of a huge moving truck full of furniture to unpack.  Best of all this allows you to focus on making this big transition a fun adventure for everyone.

Long distance move

Have you made a long distance move?  What are your favorite moving tips?

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