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The fall is my favorite time of year.  I love the cool dry air, boots, sweaters, and of course the flavored lattes.  However it also comes with a big adjustment.  My family moves swiftly from sunny beach days with no set schedule to highly structured school days packed with activities.  While I enjoy seeing my kids enjoying the sports and extra curricular activities their passionate about, it also takes a lot out of this mommy!
My schedule this fall is even crazier than last year.  Anthony is now in middle school, which means an earlier day.  He has to be up before the sun and off to school.  While he is juggling the new middle school work load, he has signed up for cross country, the science club, and as of yesterday band!  He has me running around everyday of the week. 
The twins are slightly less needy with both playing soccer, and Lilly also taking dance lessons.
Days are certainly busy.  School pick ups, practices, meets, games, and shows, have me running on empty before we even pull in the driveway to start our evening routine.  That’s a big problem for a mommy!  Dinner still needs to be cooked, homework help still needs to be done, there is baths to be given and stories to be read.
Through trial and error I learned that I needed to keep a little bag of essentials on me during my afternoon, and Saturday morning mommy hustle.  I am driving all over the city in traffic, sitting in stadiums and on fields and its easy to forget that I need to keep myself hydrated and nourished so that I can keep on going long after we get home for the day. Without turning into a Momzilla!
Here are the staples in my Mommy on the Go Bag:
1. Water, if I don’t bring along a water bottle, I’d go all afternoon without drinking anything and its that’s the easiest way to wear myself down.
2. SNICKERS® Bar, it’s my favorite candy bar.  Always has been!  The peanuts, caramel and chocolate always give me that extra boost every mommy needs mid day.  
I love sweets and during a never ending soccer game or listening to drum practice, it brings me to my happy place!  I stock up while I’m at Walmart and then hide them away on a top shelf.
3.  Grapes, easy, quick, and they go great with my SNICKERS® bar.  Plus if the kids ask me what I’m snacking on, I show them the grapes.  I surely am not letting them get their fingers on my snickers!  That is my mommy secret.
4. Gum, to keep the breath fresh.  Plus the kids assume I’m chewing gum when I’m sneaking bites of my candy bar.
5. Chapstick, along with activities and cool air comes dry lips.  For some reason sitting in the mini van for hours with the kids fighting over wanting the heat on or the air conditioner, dries my lips out even faster.
6. Hand cream, like with my lips the fall bring dry skin.  Fresh colder air, especially on a windy day on the field can leave my skin tight and cracked.  So I always make sure to have a small lotion on me.
7.  iPad, because while yes, I love seeing the little ones score goals and Anthony finish a race.  There are some days, that I have had enough.  I’m tired and I just want to sit in the shade and finish a book or play Tsum Tsum mindlessly. 
8. Antibacterial wipes and baby wipes, because I am surrounded by dirty germy hands all afternoon.  The kids need to be cleaned up between events and Mommy’s cant get sick.
9. Neosporin and Band-Aids, this probably goes with out explaining, but I have soccer players, a cross country runner, and a hip hop dancer.  We always need band-aids!
10. Business cards or mommy cards,  I meat moms everyday, a lot of moms.  I like being able to easily give them my email address and phone number so that we can keep in touch during the season.

Keeping all these things on hand keep my stress levels down and my tummy happy.  Without them, I call myself Momzilla, Make sure to take this fun quiz to see who you turn into when your hungry and let me know how you enjoy your SNICKERS®.

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