I fell in LOVE with party planning when I was planning the twins first birthday party! I wish I could entertain more, but with all of us crammed into this little condo, its hard at the moment. So for now I look forward to the kids birthday parties to let loose all my fun ideas, and the great ideas I’ve come across blog hopping:)
The Twins Turn 1
Theme: Mickey and Minnie
To start we got these adorable invitations made to start the theme going: made by elizatate

Then came the outfits
Lilly’s dress, bloomers and ruffle socks where made by kaneschicboutique
Aidans Shirt was bought off eBay, It was adorable but the screening peeled off after the first wash, luckily we only needed to wear it once!

Lilly’s beautiful hair bow was made by sweetandsassygifts

We had a balloon decorator come in and set up a ton of decorations!
Mickey Ears balloon arch, backdrop with arch, mickey and Minnie stands, balloon centerpieces, and the cake table.
Balloon Decorator: Ale’s Party







The cakes were made by Kylee Creations


The cakes were Delicious and the babies each got there own to blow out!

We got there Boutique Birthday hats from ginghambunny
There were coordinating and Disney themed… of course!

Although Aidan was not to psyched to wear his 🙁
As you walked into the hall I had a basket of mickey ears (tutorial coming soon) a mickey topiary (another tutorial to come soon) and a framed poster saying “welcome to Lilly and Aidan’s first Birthday, Take your ears and join the party”


The ears were a GREAT HIT! and they only cost about $.50 each to make! gotta love that 🙂


We also had a Candy buffet that I must have missed while taking pic’s. We filled a ton of containers with Red, Black, Yellow, and Blue Candy for the kids to fill there bags with.
We also had chocolate mickey head lollipops and cupcakes
were great for the paper decorations!
I had also gotten there pictures taken at the picture place a few days before, gotta love them! they portraits are printed in minutes:)
I put them in white frames from the dollar store and glued on mickey ears so they matched the theme, then put them around the room, at the food tables, gift tables, exc.


Then at the end, the kids had a great time popping the thousands of balloons and got to take home a mickey or Minnie pool tube (found at the dollar store) which was perfect for the 98 degree day the party fell on!

After this party all my children’s parties will be themed for as long as they allow! It was so much fun to plan:)

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