As a crafter I frequent Michael’s ALOT! Seriously I had to stop going to the grocery store in the same plaza as our local Michael’s because my craft area was becoming a clip out of hoarders! (Now we have a hobby lobby that’s semi local and I’m in trouble all over again!)

However in all my trips to Michael’s in the past, I never paid much attention to there home decor section…. Until I happened to stumble into it last week while they were repositioning the store. I found it at the PERFECT time! I am redecorating my bedroom, and they have an amazing new shabby chic type line of products that happened to be on sale for 50% off (but I was so in love I probably would have made about 10 seperate trips with there signature 40% coupons to get the stuff had they not been on sale!)

Here’s what I found:

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