I was provided with The Fringe Hours materials at no cost to review for this post.  However, all thoughts and opinions are my own.
Happy 2016 everyone!  I can’t believe we are already midway through January.  I love this time of year, while I certainly hate the weather in New England in January, I love the fresh start rhythm that is in the air.

While I haven’t necessarily made any New Years resolutions this year, I do have countless goals and aspirations for 2016 and beyond.  
My health took a nose dive during most of 2015.  My kidneys decided that I should be in pain for over 6 months when an infection ended up being resistant to over 7 doses of different antibiotics.  Then with the stress of this, combined with my increasing back pain from the extra weight gain, it caused numerous fibro flair ups.  Needless to say, I didn’t get a lot of what I had hoped to done in 2015.  
As we range in the New Year, I looked around at my house that was in shambles from shotty cleaning, realized my inbox was exploding with hundreds of emails that needed to be sorted, and lets not discuss the brassy color my hair had become from not maintaining it.
I felt like I failed at 2015!  However 2016 will be better, no it will be great!
I have taken better control of my health by meeting with different specialists.  I have gotten back involved with the kids schools, and am back to being that feared “Autism Mom” that knows her children’s rights and holds the system accountable.  I have spent everyday cleaning and decluttering.  And best of all I have gotten back to being the fun mom who bakes, crafts, and snuggles.  I am feeling the old me coming back and its only 2 weeks into the year.
However with all these aspects of my life falling back on track, I have noticed one thing that was still falling through the cracks, Me.  At the end of a long and busy day packed with school meetings, cleaning, grocery shopping, and activities with the kids, suddenly realizing you hadn’t done anything all day to refresh your own spirit, can be draining.
Luckily right as my soul was needing a little more fulfillment, DaySpring sent me The Fringe Hours book set.
Written by author and blogger Jessica Turner, The Fringe Hours has opened my eyes to ways I can find extra time throughout my day.  Along with giving me a new perspective on self care.
Jessica is a wife, mom, Christian, blogger, homemaker, friend, and regular woman, all the things I juggle in my own life.  Her knowledge, stories, and ideas are relate-able and her advice feels attainable.
Sense reading this I have given up un-fulfilling time wasters, like my bejeweled addiction and limited my social media time.  I have also learned to turn down activities and obligations that I are not priorities and don’t bring me joy.  Instead I have been able to schedule time to get my hair done, read some of the books I have been piling up for “some day”, and have been getting a healthy amount of sleep. 
The Fringe Hours has four parts:
1. Explore
2. Discover
3. Maximize
4. Live Well
There are numerous fill ins and notes sections through out the book.
Jessica Turner also wrote My Fringe Hours, which asks more thought provoking questions with room for reflecting.  The best part is the time tracker that allows you to keep track of where you spend your time.  There is also a free printable version of the time tracker here.
Ready to learn how to find more Fringe Hours in your day?  The Fringe Hours eBook is currently on sale for $1.99 on Amazon!

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