I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Sprint. I received a Sprint device to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.
You’ve heard me talk about my new phone obsession and I am digging into it a little more today, to share with you all the great features I discovered in the LG G4!
As a Sprint Ambassador, I received the LG G4 to try and that made me put my prior brand away and start playing with a whole new system.  To prove how much I loved it, I chose to bring it on our recent vacation to Rio de Janeiro as my camera, remote control, social media connection, and “keep the kids busy in a pinch” lifesaver.
The LG G4 is a next generation 6 series smart phone from LG that offers 24 megapixels of crisp photo clarity.  A 16 mp rear facing camera and an 8 mp front facing camera to capture amazing selfies!

We had so much fun capturing priceless moments on the Selaron Staircase in Rio, and then taking family selfies on Copacabana Beach.  My husband was pleasantly shocked that I wasn’t lugging my big DSLR down to the streets of Rio, and I was happy I could pull the LG G4 out of my pocket and capture the best sporadic photos.

These pictures are great, right?  The photo quality alone makes this phone great, however its not the only perk the LG G4 is equipped with!  Wouldn’t it be great to sit on the couch and be able to control your cable box, stereo, and air conditioning right from your phone?  I do, with the LG G4!  I haven’t had to search under couch cushions or in toy boxes for a remote control since I set this phone up.
I also like the big bright screen, that displays the local weather, the beautiful leather back, and the fact that I can easily increase my storage with a micro SD card.
Now onto a serious subject, texting and driving.  This terrifies me, as someone who’s lost 2 younger cousins and tragic car accidents, I know first hand the tragedy car accidents can bring.  I have also seen people texting while driving and watched in horror as they swerved all over the road unknowingly.  
Texting drivers are 23 times more likely t get involved in a crash.  The scariest thing is that 40% of american teens still report texting and driving.  Which is why DoSomething.org and Sprint are taking a unique approach to help prevent teens from texting and driving with a fun campaign called “Thumb Wars
Teens sign up at ThumbWars.org and receive 2 pairs of yellow anti-texting thumb socks.  They then give surprise one of the pairs to a friend or relative.  Then of course they snap a fun photo of their cool new thumb socks, and share it with DoSomething.org.
This is a great campaign that is fun and appealing to young people, while working to stop a very scary problem.
As a mom I know the day is coming that my kids will be driving, and knowing that technology is becoming more and more addicting and constant makes me worry that much more about texting and driving.  Luckily Sprint has also come out with the Sprint Drive First App.  
I have never heard of this type of feature before relieving my Sprint phone, however now I cant imagine giving a teen any other service.
Sprint Drive First is a free app that sends all calls to voicemail and silences email and text alerts when a vehicle reaches 10 mph.  This app also has great parental controls that let you track miles driven and lock or enable certain apps.  This app is a much needed aid for all parents of young drivers!
Want to give the LG G4 a try?  Sprint has made it the perfect family phone.  With Sprint Lease, the phone is only $18 a month for 24 months.  Plus with Sprint Family Share Plan, the phone is even more affordable, a family of 4 can share 20 GB of data and get unlimited talk and text for only $100 a month.  Find your local Sprint store here.

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