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Longevity and Health in 2023: The Ultimate Guide to Prolonging Life

Since humans fear death, they long to live longer. Naturally, the desire to extend life is relentless and never-ending. There are stories about magic potions and miracle cures all around the world. However, there’s no such thing as an elixir of life or the everlasting fountain of youth. 

Of course, we now have access to various supplements that help us stay healthy longer. The latest discovery in this field of longevity-promoting supplements is the Nobel Prize-winning chemistry formula ESS60, a powerful antioxidant, but there are several other well-researched options like omega-3 fatty acids, magnesium, vitamin D, various probiotics, etc.   

However, supplementation alone won’t be enough to unlock the secret to longevity.  

The trick to prolonging your life lies in the mix of an active lifestyle, basic hygiene, and healthy eating habits. 

Today, we’ll elaborate on the best recommendations for longevity and developing life-extending diet routines to propel you to a prolonged life of wisdom, joy, and equanimity.

Science and longevity

Since longevity is an active research subject, science has something to say about the matter. While genes contribute around 10%, the main driving factors of longevity are your lifestyle and the surrounding environment. 

Here are other essential aspects to keep in mind:

  • Avoid smoking at all costs; 
  • If you’re a smoker, try to reduce it to a minimum;
  • Start working on your strength and aerobic fitness at least 2–3 days per week;
  • Deal with emotional distress and master mental health;
  • Work on improving sleep quality by achieving the balance between timing and consistency;
  • Reduce alcohol/drug intake;
  • Build and nourish healthy relationships.

Although these strivings may sound easy to achieve, trust us when we say – they aren’t. Getting there takes time, effort, resources, and sacrifice. However, once you take hold of your life, all that hard work will undoubtedly pay off in the long run.

Engage in strength-building and cardiovascular exercises

For improved health and longevity, the World Health Organization recommends a minimum of 150–300 minutes of moderate aerobic activity each week or 75–150 of vigorous activity if that’s what you prefer. On top of this, you should train all major muscle groups at least twice a week, with moderate intensity. 

You can do so at a gym or even using bodyweight exercises and some weights (a pair of dumbbells or resistance bands) at home. Doing 3-4 exercises that cover upper and lower body muscles can take as little as 30–40 minutes. 

For cardiovascular health, you can experiment with different activities, such as hiking, tennis, basketball, kite surfing, surf-skiing, swimming, dancing, running, etc. 

Keeping physical fitness in top shape is one of the critical steps toward ensuring a prolonged and healthy life. 

Sleep is the key to longevity

Work on maintaining sleep quality, quantity, and healthy timing. Sleep has regenerative, rejuvenating, and restorative effects. Developing healthy sleeping patterns helps you to significantly improve your moral, mental, emotional, and physical capabilities. 

In addition, sleep is vital to fighting inflammation, emotional distress, and oxidative stress. It helps your body improve immunity, restore hormones, boost memory and focus, enhance brain function and mental clarity, and increase physical strength. 

Sleep makes you healthier, stronger, and more resilient to the consequences of aging. In other words, good sleep is the solution to living longer and healthier.

Introduce regular low-intensity activity into your daily life

In case you didn’t know, your body craves activity. It wants to move. It yearns to be active. When you’re not, you age faster and get weaker. Regular daily activity makes the entire chemistry in your body come alive. That’s why health professionals recommend spending as much time as possible away from the couch each day. 

A light walk around the block, gardening, doing household chores, or even just doing some stretches and moving around the room while you watch TV are all great ways to get the blood moving.   

Leave some time for the things you enjoy doing

Work and life challenges can put a lot of pressure on you without you being aware of it. The problem is that amassed everyday pressures can cause mental, emotional, and physical distress. If you don’t deal with daily stress right away, you could develop anxiety, depression, and all sorts of medical conditions. 

Unfortunately, most people just run around in circles, chasing life opportunities but never really taking time to take care of themselves. You must focus on yourself and your needs, wants, and aspirations. Shaping your life around resilience, mental health, longevity, well-being, and prevention shouldn’t be stressful.  

No matter how hard it may seem, life should be fun. Allow yourself to enjoy life by immersing yourself in a purposeful career, friends, family, marriage, education, and environment. Learn to enjoy the moment, accept the things you can’t change, be content and grateful, and try to make the most of every day.

Master relaxation

Don’t let stress and pressure become your everyday norm. That’s how the decline of your longevity and well-being starts. Instead, try to restore the rhythmic flux of equanimity and calmness by developing regular relaxation habits. 

Here are some ideas for building well-being and resilience through relaxation:

  • Tap into deep relaxation exercises;
  • Spend some time in nature every week;
  • Meditate for 10–15 minutes each day;
  • Go for a massage once or twice a month;
  • Learn breath control to keep anger and stress from bubbling up.

The more adversity you introduce in your life, the better. 

Tap into the longevity diet

The longevity diet revolves around developing healthy eating habits by enhancing healthy home cooking with top-class eating recommendations. It helps you understand how the effects of various nutrients and practices like fasting may reduce the risk of diseases and the impact of aging. 

The diet includes fermented dairy, low-mercury seafood, olive oil, beans, nuts, fruit, leafy greens, and other plant-based foods. It’s rich in antioxidants, dietary fiber, minerals, and vitamins and low in salt, processed sugar, and saturated fat. You should also maintain a healthy weight by reducing snacking, especially the intake of ultra-processed foods high in sugar, salt, or saturated fat. 

Eating the longevity diet leads to various health benefits, such as increased energy levels, sharper focus, improved mental clarity, and prolonged well-being. 

Although it requires time to adjust to ensure your daily food intake contains a complete range of precious nutrients, it’s not that hard to get there.


Adopting the four healthy lifestyle factors is the best way to ensure prolonged life and well-being. Eat healthy by making the right food choices, maintain a healthy weight, have as much activity per day as possible, and stay away from smoking, drugs, and alcohol. 

Eat a diet rich in fresh vegetables and fruits, and avoid processed foods with lots of sugar, salt, and saturated fat. Just 30 minutes of everyday activity is enough to keep your body and mind in optimal shape. 

Regular activity gives you plenty of energy that your body needs to fight off stress and everyday pressure. Focus on relaxation and try to develop healthy sleeping patterns. Finally, spend as much time in nature as possible, as it can do wonders for your mental and physical well-being.

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