Lilly has very curly hair and a lot of it.  I have wavy to straight fine hair, so dealing with Lilly’s hair can stress me out completely.  Especially when the tangles become huge matted knots and she’s screaming while I’m combing it out. 
After a few years and countless products tried, tested and failed, I have found products I love and use everyday to control her curls and keep her hair looking pretty.

1. I shampoo her hair with Johnson’s Extra Conditioning Shampoo, it’s gentle on her hair and it doesn’t dry out her hair or add to the tangles.
2.  For conditioner I use the Aussie Moist 3 Minute Miracle Mask and leave it on while she plays in the tub.
3.  To comb and brush out her hair, I use a Wet Brush, I bought this after it was recommended by my hair dresser and it has been the best thing I’ve bought for her hair.  She no longer cries or screams when I have to detangle knots, and she says this brush doesn’t hurt her at all.
4.  I braid her hair for bed to avoid tangles and she wears ponytails a lot to school to keep it out of her way.  I use foe elastic hair ties on her hair and mine, the are soft and stretch.  Plus they don’t break or pull on her hair at all.  We make our own for pennies, I’ll post a tutorial next week.  However their also available almost everywhere relatively cheap.
5. As I comb out Lilly’s hair I use Paul Mitchell’s The Conditioner leave-in conditioner.  I have been using this for a couple years and I love how it keeps her hair soft and helps detangle it.
6. When she’s wearing her hair down I twirl her curls with my fingers and use Curly Hair Solutions silk leave-in treatment.  I found this several months ago when the company sent a bottle to me to review and I loved how it helped define Lilly’s curls perfectly without any stiffness.

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