As a LeapFrog Mom Ambassador, I recieve products, promotional itemsa nd educational material to use and share as I see fit.  However, any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience.
It’s no secret the kids and I have always loved Leap Frog products and have owned practically their entire toy line over the years.  Now as a Leap Frog Mom, we count down the days till we get to try out some fun new toys.  Today I am sharing information about the LeapTv again, if you read our post last year when we had an awesome Leap Into Gaming night, then you know how cool this game system is.  However now I am sharing some awesome new games that go with the system, that my kids are loving!

The LeapTV isn’t like other game systems,  this system gets the kids up moving, jumping, and dancing.  My kids have a blast while spending lots of energy every time they play!
Set up is a sinch, When we set up the first console I debated between having Daddy set it up, but it ended up being so easy I had it working on my own easily.  With the second console, I didn’t think twice, just plugged it right in.
With winter here, the kids are spending more and more time stuck indoors and the LeapTv helps me keep my sanity while the kids get to burn of some energy, having fun and learning.  The LeapTV is an asset for us, to help encourage the kids to get their bodies moving and ensuring they work off their energy constructively.
The Games!
We received 4 games to go with the LeapTV system this year!
Disney Frozen Arendelle’s Winter Festival, Blaze and The Monster Machines, Mr. Pencil Presents Doodle Craft, and Letter Factory Adventures.
Disney Frozen Arendelle’s Winter Festival ~ Mathematics ~features 5 magical adventures including snowball toss and ice sculpture fun.
Blaze and The Monster Machines ~ Science ~ Is packed with 15 active games. Transform Blaze into a Monster Machine and start having some great learning fun with stunt tracks and racing.
Mr. Pencil Presents Doodle Craft ~ Creativity and Life Skills ~ This game allows kids to build their own world with 5 different neighborhoods.  Build, paint, clean up and more while being creative and staying in motion.
Letter Factory Adventure ~ Reading ~ Discover and learn about all 26 letters while taking a train ride and play games focused on each letter. Take pictures to create a alphabet photo book and more.
All the games were a hit!  Disney Frozen was of course Lilly’s favorite, she likes math but more importantly (to her) she is a huge Frozen fan.  Blaze and The Monster Machine was a favorite for Aidan, he loved building a stunt track and racing his Monster Trucks.  I liked that he didn’t quite understand that it was a learning game, so there was no complaining ahead of time.  Lilly loves to learn, Aidan on the other hand see’s it as boring until I can encourage him.  However with this game, Aidan  saw it as a “Cool Truck” game, yet for mommy it was a problem solving and math game.
I definitely think this would be a perfect holiday gift this year,  its educational, easy to set up, and contains endless fun!  Its a winner for sure!
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