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Fun Indoor Activities for Teens and Tweens at Home

Are your tweens and teens getting restless in the house?  Our state is reopening from the pandemic, just in time for the rainy season so Indoor Activities for Teens has been on my mind.  I want to share 8 ideas that have been keeping my teen busy while we’ve been stuck at home.

Indoor Activities for Teens

8 Indoor Activities for Teens and Tweens

There are times when our tweens and teens just can’t get out of the house and participate in the normal activities that typically keep them busy. Whether it’s bad weather, or like now a global pandemic that has pretty much brought the world to a halt, it is a good idea to have a list of activities in mind to help keep your tweens and teens busy. After all, being stuck at home is not ALL bad, it is an opportunity to strengthen family bonds, spend time together, and maybe even learn something new. Here are a few ideas you might enjoy for keeping tweens and teens busy indoors.

Create a Scrapbook

Do you have loads of photos all printed up and just sitting in the envelopes that they came in? If so, why not take the time you have to spend together to make a family scrapbook that you will all treasure for generations to come? Make sure that you label your photos with who is in them, and when they were taken if you remember. You may even want to make a page in your scrapbook that it was created during the pandemic of 2020. Photos, construction paper, paint pens, markers, glitter, stickers, and more…there are so many great ways to decorate your scrapbook. If you are missing any of these supplies they can all be found easily online.

Have a Video Game Tournament

Chances are your tweens and teens are into Fortnite, Minecraft, or some other type of video game. So why not spend some time playing together? You can even set it up as a tournament over several days where whoever ends up winning the most matches gets a prize, for example, if you win your tween or teen cooks dinner if they win you fold their laundry. This is just a fun way to become a little more engaged in what your kids are doing when they are playing video games with their friends.

Take a Course

There are so many amazing courses that you can take online for free or for very little money. Your tweens and teens should be able to find something that will be interesting to them and that will also teach them some new, useful skills. KhanAcademy, Coursera, Udemy, and many more have excellent courses available for anyone to take. Right now you can find many free or discounted courses available with a quick search.

Plan a Family Cook/Bake Off

Do you have some cooking challenge fans at your house? If so, then why not set up a family cooking or baking contest? There are several different ways to do this. You can assign each family member a course of your meal, or you can simply provide each family member with ingredients and then see what they create. This can be a really fun and creative way to spend some time together in the kitchen.

Home Improvement Projects

Has your tween or teen been itching to repaint their room, distress some furniture, or maybe plant a garden? Now is the perfect time to work on projects like these while you have a little more time on your hands. In most areas of the country, home improvement stores are still open so you can gather all of the supplies that you need. Not sure how to get started? There are instructional videos for just about any project you can think of available online.

Family Movie Night or Binge-Worthy TV session

Is there a movie that the whole family has been excited to see, or maybe a TV show available for streaming that you have wanted to check out together but not had the time? If so, make some popcorn and gather some other snacks and settle down in the family room to watch together.

Zoom Dance Party

Most tweens and teens are fairly social, and going a long period of time without seeing their friends can take an emotional toll on them. Why not set up a Zoom dance party for your tween or teen and all of their friends? Sure, it’s not quite the same as being all together, but it can still be a lot of fun. If dance parties aren’t quite what they are looking for, Zoom has an option to set up movie viewing parties too.

Get Crafty

From painting on canvas to making bracelets, or making cards for family and friends. There are so many ways for tweens and teens to get crafty while they are spending more time indoors. They might even want to consider making holiday gifts for later in the year while they have an abundance of time on their hands.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can help to keep your tweens and teens busy while we are all spending more time at home together. I hope these indoor activities for teens helps things go a little smoother while we go through this journey together.  What indoor activities are your tweens and teen’s favorites?

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