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The most relaxing way for my family to spend a summer day is by the pool or at the beach.  My kids love the water and could swim for hours without complaining once, and building sandcastles at the beach and burying each other in the sand makes some of the best family memories.

However to really be able to relax on this fun outing with 3 children, I need to do a lot of prep work.  That’s why I have created the perfect beach/pool bag for my family. 
At the beginning of the summer season I gather everything I may need at the beach or pool and pack up my beach bag fully,  along with stocking the back of my van with the kid’s favorite pool toys, life jackets, cooler, and our sand toy tote.
Once I have my bag fully packed and the van well stocked, I am prepared for countless pool and beach days.  I only need to swap out wet towels,  empty trash, and refill the cooler and I’m ready for our next outing.
This is what I pack in my Beach Bag:
The kids favorite beach towels
Sun block, I like having both spray and cream versions.  The sprays are convenient and quick, but I like using creams for the kids faces and shoulders for extra protection.
Both Lilly and Myself get really dry lips when there is an ocean breeze, so I always pack lip balm.
Plastic bags are great for wet towels and clothes.  Plus if your a walk from a trash barrel, having plastic bags can be very convenient.
Baby wipes, my kids are all potty trained however I still use baby wipes everyday.  They are perfect for wiping down faces, hands, toys, and pretty much everything else.
A beach blanket, I have chairs in the van however a blanket is a lot easier to carry when I’m taking the kids by myself.  Plus sometimes the kids just want to laydown and stretch out after spending hours building the biggest sand castle possible.
Hair Ties, Leave in Conditioner, and a Wet Brush.  Lilly’s curls can become a matted mess really quickly if I don’t maintain a high ponytail while she’s in the chlorine or salt water.
Lotion is also great to have on hand.  The salt water and ocean breeze or a heavily chlorinated pool can both leave your skin feeling tight and dry.
I also have a small pouch of first aid necessities.  Band-Aids, Neosporin, Benadryl, and Tylenol are great to have on hand just in case.
After my bags packed, I set up the van for all the summer fun!
The things I keep in my van are;
Beach and Camp Chairs, between the beach, pool, and cookouts, I am always pulling chairs out of the van.
The kids lifejackets, I love always having these with me and even though Anthony is a great swimmer and the twins are learning, there are still times when I prefer them to have their jackets on.  Especially at crowded lakes and rivers.
Swim toys,  I keep the kids noodles, kick boards, and goggles in the back of the van.  This has saved me countless times from the kids wanting to go in those fun beachside stores that have all the cool pool floats sitting outside.
Sand Toy Tote, I love our sand toy tote it is plastic with checkered holes through it which makes it incredibly easy to rinse off all our sand toys at once.  My kids are often entertained for an entire day building castles, so I never want to be stuck at a beach without our pails and shovels.
Cooler, one of the best parts of spending the day at the beach or pool is that it is budget friendly for a family of five.  However if I buy lunch and drinks at a snack stand, the day can go from costing a few dollars for parking to over $50.  So we pack our cooler before we go or on the way at a local Walgreens.
One drink that I always have in my cooler are a few bottles of cold refreshing Coke.  There is something about the bubbly taste and smelling the ocean that brings me right back to my childhood.  As my childhood memories flood back, I enjoy making these great memories with my children even more.
What better way to share a Coke, than enjoying a beautiful day by the water!
It is easy to forget some important essentials when trying to get out the door early enough to find a perfect spot on the sand with a bunch of excited kids in tow.  This Beach (or Pool) Checklist is the perfect solution, run through it before you leave the house to save yourself a headache in the midst of some water fun. 
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