I have had Blonde hair my entire life.  I grew up a “tow-head” with the whitest naturally blonde hair and it stayed pretty light through my early teens.
Then it started to darken to a yellow shade of dark blonde.  I love the platinum so I had to do something and that meant bleach.  I have had my hair highlighted or bleached platinum ever few months for the last couple decades.  This takes a toll on my hair, bleach can be very damaging and dry out my hair if I don’t take care of it.  The platinum color can also easily become brassy if I use the wrong products on it.
The perfect combination for me to keep my platinum hair shiny, non brassy, and healthy is rotation washes between purple shampoo and conditioner, and a moisturizing sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.  Along with a weekly high quality deep conditioning treatment.

My hair dresser has been recommending coconut oil products lately and I love the smell of coconut, it always brings my mind right to the beach, even in the middle of a horrible New England winter.  So I was thrilled when Hasks sent me their Monoi Coconut Oil line to try.
I have been using Nourishing Shampoo, Nourishing Conditioner, Nourishing Shine Hair Oil, and Nourishing Deep Conditioner for the last few weeks and I am obsessed with this product line!
First, every product smells amazing, as soon as I open the bottle I feel like I am about to put sun tan lotion on in the tropics!  It smells delicious and makes my shower time feel even more refreshing.
Second, the Monoi Coconut Oil line is very affordable!  I had been contemplating spending 4 times the cost on a salon brand and it didn’t smell or feel half as good as Hasks line.  The shampoo and conditioner both retail for under $6.
Third and most importantly, My hair looks and feels fantastic.  The products are paraben and sulfate free, the conditioner is thick and hydrating, and the oil gives my hair that extra shine of healthiness.
This product line has me hooked and I definitely recommend it!
Disclosure:  I received products for free to help facilitate this review; all opinions are 100% my own.

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