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Top LEGOLAND Florida Brick or Treat Tips – A Halloween Party Built for Kids

Thank you to LEGOLAND Florida for hosting us at Brick or Treat this year.  All opinions are 100% my own and I hope these LEGOLAND Florida Brick or Treat Tips help make your trip AWESOME!

LEGOLAND Florida Brick or Treat Tips for attending

LEGOLAND Florida Brick or Treat Tips

Are you ready for the sweetest Halloween Party around?  Make sure you check out the Brick or Treat event at LEGOLAND Florida this fall!  This was our first time experiencing Brick or Treat and it was packed full of the best characters, delicious treats, and spooktacular entertainment!  This is a Halloween Party that shouldn’t be missed so check out my top LEGOLAND Florida Brick or Treat tips and enjoy making some bricktastic memories!  

Brick or Treat Tips LEGOLAND Florida

Brick or Treat Tips for LEGOLAND Florida

Take Pictures with the Special Characters at Brick or Treat

Aidan’s favorite part of visiting LEGOLAND is meeting all the characters he loves, and he was grinning ear to ear at all the different characters he got to high-five at the Brick or Treat Halloween Party. 

Every meet and greet that we went to had very short lines, there was no rushing, and I loved how each child really got to have a great one on one experience.  However, each character only comes out for 30 minutes during each time slot so if you are attending on a busy night make sure you get in line early.


The Halloween Characters included:
LEGO Witch
LEGO Mad Scientist
LEGO Lord Vampyre

LEGO Spider Lady
LEGO Mummy
The New Monster Rock Experience featuring LEGO Frankenstein


Try One of the Yummy Halloween Themed Treats

Eat dinner early so you have plenty of room for all the pumpkin flavored yummyness!  I am absolutely obsessed with Granny Apple Fries and can’t imagine a trip to LEGOLAND Florida without them, So when I heard Granny Apple Fries got a pumpkin twist for Fall, it was my first stop on the way into the park!  Biggest Tip Ever: Try the Pumpkin Spice Granny Apple Fries!

Some other treats to try are:
Dirt Cups (Market Coffee Shop, Pepper and Roni’s Pizza Shop)
Spooky Trail Mix (Castle Burger, Fried Chicken Co. & Panini Grill, Market Restaurant)
Halloween Rice Krispy Treats (Market Restaurant)
Pumpkin Spice Flavor Burst (Kingdom Cones)


Bust Out Your Moves at the Monster Bash!

One of LEGOLAND Florida’s most popular rides is The Great LEGO Race Virtual Reality Coaster.  The line for this ride can easily be over 45 minutes on a slow day, so take advantage of the Monster Bash that is located right outside the ride area.  All the great music will definitely make the wait time pass faster.
The Monster Bash is from 5pm – 7:30pm

Trick or treating at LEGOLAND Florida

Collect Lots of Sweets on the Brick or Treat Trail

This trick or treating trail is filled with scarecrows, ghosts, and sweets galore! Kids 12 and under will be provided a treat bag to collect their candy haul in, and I love how the kids received lots of different options including candy, granola bars, and even a juice box!
The Trail is open from 3:00-7:00 and is weather permitting, so I recommend doing the trail as early as possible in case a Florida rainstorm comes through.

Brick Or Treat Tips LEGOLAND Trick or Treating

Search for Candy at the LEGO Candy Scavenger Hunt

Grab a scavenger hunt form and start your search for all the candy corns that are hidden throughout MINILAND.  We love taking our time and strolling through MINILAND, so this was perfect for my family!  Once you find all them all, head back to Studio Store to turn in your form and receive your special souvenir.

LEGOLAND Brick or Treet Scavenger HuntRide the Rides and Cool of at the Water Park

Make sure you take some time to enjoy the rides LEGOLAND Florida has to offer!  This was our first time riding Ninjago and it was awesome, the kids wanted to ride it a dozen times.

It is also may be fall but it is still HOT in Florida.  It was 90 degrees last weekend when we attended Brick or Treat, so if your spending the day at the park remember to pack a swimsuit so you can head to the waterpark and cool off in the lazy river. (Remember the waterpark closes at 5 pm)

Brick or Treat Tips Scarcrow Show

Rock Out with the Jammin’ Jack-O-Lanterns

Dance to the spooky tunes as the LEGO Jack-O-Lantern Trio comes alive to put on a great 7-minute musical performance!  This show starts at 7 pm and continues every 15 minutes until the park closes.  I recommend checking these fun pumpkins out before the fireworks because it gets very crowded as everyone is leaving after the fireworks spectacular is over.

Jammin Jack-O-Lanterns Show LEGOLAND

Get Hands-On with the Exclusive LEGO Brick Builds

At LEGOLAND building with LEGO Bricks is a must and during Brick or Treat there is 3 fun LEGO Builds for your family to participate in.
Bigsy Bricksey LEGO Spider Build (Fun Town)
LEGO Cobra Super Brick Build (Land of Adventure)
LEGO Mosaic (Land of Adventure)

Brick or Treat Tips LegoLand Builds

End Your Night with A Fireworks Spectacular

Make your way over to Pirate’s Cove around 7 pm to grab a pair of 3D glasses (That’s right fireworks in 3D, cool huh?!?) and find a great seat.  The show starts at 8 pm and lasts approximately 7 minutes.  This was our first time seeing fireworks at LEGOLAND Florida and I left in aw!  The storyline was great, the fireworks were fantastic, and when the 3D glasses that transformed the fireworks into lego bricks were worn this show was incredible!

LEGOLAND Florida 3D Fireworks

Brick or Treat is only here for a limited time on select dates, so grab your tickets and have a fun and spooky October night at LEGOLAND Florida!

2018 LEGOLAND Florida Brick or Treat Dates:
October 13 & 14
October 20 & 21
October 27 & 28
Hours: 10 am – 8 pm

Also, open on Halloween Night with Limited Activites (October 31 from 10 am – 7 pm)


Learn more about Brick or Treat here!

Get Social with LEGOLAND Florida: #BrickorTreat

LEGOLAND Florida Brick or Treat Event

Have you been to LEGOLAND Florida’s Brick or Treat?  

Zombie Halloween Popcorn and Candy Mix Recipe

Zombie Halloween Popcorn Recipe Candy Mix

Halloween Popcorn Mix Recipe

Don’t be scared by this Zombie Halloween Popcorn and Candy recipe! While it may look a little creepy, it’s totally worth each and every bite! 

This is one of those Halloween treats that your kiddos just won’t be able to get enough of. (and who knows…maybe you, too!) There’s just something so hilarious and spooky about this Zombie Halloween Popcorn that will have them literally eyeballing every bite just to see what they are about to it. 

I love making this to have around the house here and there, but it’s also a fun treat for October birthdays, sleepovers and even a really cool treat to take to class parties. I can’t tell you the double takes that occur once people lay their eyes on this tasty treat. It’s hilarious.

Every year, my kids ask for this popcorn recipe by name. They love the bright colors, and of course, the random eyeballs that can be found without. Plus, they love being able to help make it as well so it really is a fun family effort each and every time that we create it. 

If you are looking for a silly and delicious treat this Halloween season, this is the one for you! 

Zombie Halloween Popcorn candy Mix

Zombie Halloween Popcorn and Candy Mix

Halloween Popcorn Ingredients:

16 cups of popped popcorn
1 cup butter (1/2 cup in each saucepan)
2 cup granulated sugar (1 cup in each saucepan)
1/2 cup light corn syrup (1/4 cup in each saucepan)
1 tsp salt (1/2 tsp in each saucepan)
1 tsp vanilla extract (1/2 tsp in each saucepan)
1 tsp light green food coloring
1 tsp moss green food coloring
1 tsp brown food coloring
2 tsp baking soda (1/4 each bowl)
Zombie Halloween Popcorn Ingredients

Zombie Halloween Popcorn Recipe:

Preheat oven to 250 degrees.
Place your popcorn evenly on two large baking pans covered with parchment paper.
Zombie Halloween Popcorn
In two medium saucepans over medium heat add 1/2 of each of the following ingredients to each saucepan.
Add butter first and melt then stir in sugar, corn syrup, vanilla, and salt into both saucepans.
Halloween Popcorn Recipe
Bring to boil while stirring consistently and boil without stirring for 4 minutes.
Remove from heat and split the mixture into 4 small mixing bowls.
Add your food colors one in each bowl.
Mix all bowls until the mixture is evenly colored and combined. Next, stir in baking soda and the mixture will double.
Booger Halloween Popcorn Mix Recipe
Pour the mixture over the popcorn and stir to combine and evenly coat, then place the popcorn in the oven.
Zombie Halloween Treats
Stir the popcorn every 15 minutes for 1 hour.
Remove from the oven and let cool for about 5 minutes.
Zombie Halloween Popcorn and Candy Mix Recipe


5 Ways to Unwind and Relax When the Kids Go To Bed

This post is sponsored by MobilityWare but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

ways to relax at the end of the night

Ways to Unwind After the Kids Go To Bed

Have you ever went to get into bed, with the house completely silent, the kids all tucked in, the dished done, and yet your shoulders still feel incredibly tight from carrying the world on them all day?  I have, to many times to count, and it never leads up to a restful night sleep.  I’ve learned over the years that mommy time is incredibly important and finding ways to unwind and relax after the kids go to bed is exactly how I should be spending my evening.

As a work at home mom, I have neglected myself in order to make deadlines.  I have stared at a computer typing away or editing a project until the wee hours of the morning, never stopping to think about how giving myself even just 30 minutes to unwind would improve my wellbeing.  No matter what stage we are at as mothers, or what we do for a living, as moms, we seem to always forget about ourselves.  Once the house is quiet and all the children have asked for their 23rd cup of water and fallen asleep, we don’t start to think about ourselves, we see the dirty dished in the sink, the pile of laundry, the grocery list that needs to be made, and every other chore we feel must be done no matter how tiny it is or how stressful our day was.

I say it’s time to put an end to all that!  Let’s start making a point to add some relaxation to our nightly routine so that we can unwind and prepare mentally to do it all again tomorrow.


DIY Mummy Water Bottles [Quick Halloween Craft]

DIY Halloween Crafts Mummy

Water Bottle Halloween Crafts 

These DIY Water Bottle Mummy’s are the perfect Halloween craft for all ages! Super simple and a fun and festive way to kick off the Halloween season.

If you are anything like me, you hate wasting anything. No matter what it is, I swear I can look at a piece of “trash” and see some sort of craft use for it. To me, that’s a beautiful thing! I love being able to reuse something again instead of dumping it into a landfill and also showing my children how to be creative as well. 

What I love about this DIY Water Bottle Mummy craft is that it takes so little time and so little effort, but the end result is absolutely adorable. All you need are literally a couple of smaller water bottles (used ones are totally fine!) and a few simple other items that you more than likely have around the home, and before you realize it, you’ve created a super adorable (or spooky if you want!) water bottle mummy that is the perfect Halloween decoration. 

Can you imagine having a few of these lining your porch or windows Halloween night? Absolutely spectacular and so much festive fun! 


5 Fall Must-Haves for Busy Moms

This post is sponsored by Celestial Seasonings but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

Fall Must Haves for Busy Moms

My Favorite Fall Must-Haves

Fall is my favorite season.  The weather starts to cool down, the house smells of apple crisp and pumpkin pie, and the weekends are filled with hayrides and pumpkin patches.  However, the fall season can hit us moms like a brick wall of chaos if we don’t have a plan and take time for ourselves.
With the change of seasons also comes back to school, holiday shopping, fall sports starting back up, decorating, and so much more.  So here are my fall must-haves to keep you going and enjoying all the fall favorites.

Fall Must Haves Tea Time


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