*It is so much fun wrapping up presents for our four legged friends, but they dyes and chemicals in traditional wrapping paper can be harmful for animals.  Pet Party Printz has a perfect solution, their premium gift wrap for your pet.
Pet Party Printz Gift Wrap is made with soy-based ink and they don’t use any toxic chemicals to treat the paper.  Each packaged sheet also features Rip-N-Stick self-adhesive edges, this eliminates the need for tape which is a choking hazard for animals.
Each package cost $4.95 and the gift wrap comes in over ten adorable designs, check them out here!
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*The 15″ Kitty Kick Stix cat toy is the longest and most fun cat nip toy for your cat!  Its made of soft cotton fabric, layered with 100% organic catnip, and then filled wit polyfill/fiberfill and bells!  My cat has played with his Kitty Kick Stix for hours and still comes back to it.  The toy is soft, fun and very well made.
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*Evanger’s Food for Dogs and Cats are made with completely human-grade, highly palatable and nutritious foods.  They contain no soy, corn, wheat, artificial ingredients, harmful additives, preservatives or by-products!
The hand packed edition has each can individually packed with two hands, instead of machines. The benefit of this process is that you, can actually see the quality ingredients, whole, pure meats and fresh vegetables.  Your pets will think they are kings and queens this Christmas if you put Evanger’s food and treats on the menu!


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