Trying to decide what to get Mom for Christmas this year?

Here is my top ten list of the perfect gifts for Mom!

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1.  Does mom love to cook?  Why not give her a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer!  This amazing appliance makes baking so much easier, plus its very pretty!
2.  You might also want to check out Mama and Madison’s Custom Aprons to go along with the stand mixer!  These aprons are beautiful and very well made.  I was shocked by the quality when I first received Lilly and I’s matching set for this review.  Mom will love looking fabulous while working in the kitchen.
3.  Is your mom attached to her phone or laptop?  Why not give her an Ipad mini!  She’ll be able to read, play games, surf the web, and more on this fun gadget!  I love the Ipad Mini because its bigger than my phone, but not as large as the Ipad Air, so it fits perfectly in most of my bags and is easy to read on and play games on everywhere.
4.  Perfume!  Most moms will love to receive a bottle of their favorite perfume for Christmas.  A favorite in my family is Dolce and Gabbana’s Light Blue Fragrance.
5.  Start a charm bracelet, This is a great way to say “I Love You”  Pandora has hundreds of great charms to choose from.  You can personalize the bracelet to fit your moms style!
6.  Most moms spend alot of time taking pictures.  Give mom an upgrade from her point and shoot camera with this easy to use Canon EOS Rebel T3 DSLR Camera.
7.  Does mom already have a nice camera?  Give her a fashionable way to carry that camera and all the lenses!  This a perfect example of a Camera Bag that is fashionable enough to easily be confused for a pocket book.  Say goodbye to the old bulky black camera bags.
8. A mother’s ring is always a perfect choice.  This ring lets mom show off all her children’s birthstone’s on her finger.  Plus there are so many different styles of mother’s rings now a days that you’ll surely find one to fit mom’s style.
9.  Does mom like to workout?  Wireless Headphones are a great gift!  No more wires getting in the way when lifting weights or cords coming out during cardio!
10. A nice watch is also a great option.  Most moms are always on the go taking care of everyone’s needs and checking the time frequently.  A fashionable watch is something mom can wear everyday and will be a constant reminder of you!
Mom’s Spend the entire season preparing to make it perfect for everyone, why not spoil her with something she would never buy herself this Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
*This Post contains Affiliate Links for your Convenience*

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