We received the B-Daman Crossfire Game to review from Hasbro!  As soon as Anthony saw the box he was extremely excited.  The b-daman figures are very appealing to a 8 year old boy!
The game was easy to put together, all the pieces just snapped into place and the figures came already put together.
Each player gets a B-Daman Figure, you load him with marbles and shoot them at the center target that is loaded with yellow and red blocks.

The Directions Manual gives you several different versions of the game to choose from, depending on the level of difficulty you’d prefer.  Anthony’s favorite option is, the first player to get three red blocks into the opposite side wins.
The game also comes with a customization tool so that players can customize their B-Damon figures!
This is a very fun game, the marbles are small so we keep it out of reach when the little kids are around.  However its Anthony’s new favorite game choice so daddy and him play it almost every night.
The Crossfire Set cost $29.99
Additional Figures cost $8.99
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Disclaimer:  We received this game from Hasbro for free to review.  No other compensation was provided and all opinions are my own.

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