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8 Habits of Highly Productive Moms and an Easy Breakfast Recipe

This post is sponsored by Greek Gods Yogurt but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. 8 Habits of Highly Productive Moms and an Easy Breakfast Recipe.

Habits of Highly Productive Moms

Have you ever heard of other moms use the term ” Productive Moms”? Or maybe it’s you who has been looking into how you can increase the value of your time and become more productive as a mom?

The struggle to be productive as a mom is something almost every mom can resonate with, managing the home, having a job, and making time to also take care of your self can sometimes sound really far fetched for most moms but it really isn’t impossible…

With only 24 hours in a day, you might be wondering how can you really manage your time and be productive as a mom, don’t lose hope yet! 

If this is you right now then you are in the right place.


Pinterest-perfect birthday parties with intricate details and decorations, four-course pristine dinners, made regularly.  Crisp and clean houses which are highly organized and magazine-worthy.  Children perfectly dressed and groomed, peacefully playing with their siblings and extremely happy. Women are always fighting the glass ceiling, perfectly successful in their careers, managing teams and all their tasks seamlessly.

It’s what we all strive for as moms, right? “Having it all” has always been a goal put upon moms all across the world and presented in a way that is attainable to all without extra work.  Women are always striving to achieve this status and searching for ways to make this happen in their own lives.  In reality, none of this is a status achieved overnight and without planning and work.  By definition, productive is defined as “having the quality or power of producing, especially in abundance (thanks, as always, MerrIam-Webster!) By sheer definition, productive moms usually mean the same as having the quality, or habits, at our fingertips to ensure we can be as productive as possible!


8 Habits that highly productive moms possess

To help break this down, I am going to spotlight eight specific habits that I believe are the foundation highly productive moms possess.  The beauty of these eight habits is, in my opinion, of use to both working moms and stay at home moms; because we should all recognize that both sets of moms have a lot on their hands.

Productive moms start their day early  

As much as we all could use that extra few minutes of snooze-time, moms that wake up early and before their kids are able to carve out much-needed alone time.  This helps to get minds focused and days started by grounding oneself before the chaos of the day starts.  Starting a day in the middle of chaos seems to set the entire day into a state of chaos.  However, starting a day in calm can form a wonderful foundation for a day of organization and structure to tackle the day and any challenges that arise. The beauty of this early morning time is that each individual can choose the best way to fill their time.  I always suggest making this time about being calm and inner focused to help ensure that calm foundation to the day.  I like to sit with a nutritious breakfast like a parfait or smoothy made with Greek Gods Yogurt while I read and plan my day.

Greek Gods Yogurt

I choose Greek Gods Yogurt because not only is it rich, smooth, and delicious, it is also an excellent source of calcium and each serving has 9g of protein.  Plus, The Greek Gods brand Greek-Style Yogurt is made with milk from cows that are not treated with growth hormones.  Making it the perfect way to start your day and the new year off right!  

Being productive also means getting all my shopping done in one stop, which is why I love Walmart.  So stalking up on my favorite Greek Yogurt is easy, Greek Gods Greek Yogurt can be found in the dairy aisle, in the yogurt section, on the lower shelf of your local Walmart!

Self Care

This is a perfect segway off number one.  Self-care is increasingly popular in everyone’s day, but most importantly for moms.  Being a mom requires us, as individuals, to wear multiple hats all day, every day.  Mom, wife, partner, chef, cleaner, problem solver, strategist, pretend villain, hero. In order to have the energy to wear all those hats, we have to take the time to take care of us as the wonderful and powerful women we are.  Take time for that hair cut, manicure, sporting lesson, driving range, shopping trip, or whatever truly brings you joy. When you forget who you are at the core of everything you do, you lose the energy and strength to wear all those hats.


As you may notice when wearing all those different hats in your day, in order to get all your tasks done in a day, you must practice compartmentalizing.  Anyone could look at an entire todo list and get overwhelmed.  But when you break the day down and take small steps to achieve overall success, suddenly everything feels attainable.  Compartmentalization is the other part of this equation – focus on one thing at a time to ensure energy is being targeted to the established small tasks and you are able to check off all those tasks quicker and more efficiently than if you tried to do it all at once.

Planning your day/week/month  

Moms who find success in a productive way go about their lives through planning ahead of time.  Highly productive moms do this by reviewing their days the night before and ensuring the plan falls within the planned week and month. Each individual thinks in different ways so the best way to go about this needs to make sense for each person. Personally I am obsessed with bullet journaling.  The most important piece of this is the brain dump exercise where I get everything out of my head on to paper, then every task either gets assigned or gets removed as non-important.  There are other amazing planners and apps available depending on preference and need and all these tools are exceptionally helpful in organizing one’s life.

Meal planning with healthy diets

Getting food on the table for a busy family is a task that can be overwhelming and highly productive mothers build this into their plans.  Doing this will also allow efficient planning for grocery shopping and taking advantage of sales in local grocery stores. It also helps the family plan their days and weeks so everyone can understand what’s ahead and can help parents get dinner on the table.  A huge benefit of planned meals is also an exceptional time for the family to come together as a unit to check-in and bond.  My entire family loves Greek Gods Yogurt, which makes breakfast and snack planning simple.  We eat this delicious yogurt alone or in a refreshing smoothie for after school snacks, and my children love when I put out a Parfait building station in the kitchen for breakfast and let them stack their favorite fruits with Greek Gods Yogurt.

Easy Parfait Breakfast Recipe

Ingredients to Make a Breakfast Parfait

Greek Gods Greek-Style Yogurt in your Family’s Favorite Flavor.
A Variety of Fresh Fruits
Cinnamon (Optional)

How to Make a Quick Breakfast Parfait 

Start with a layer of your favorite flavor of Greek Gods Yogurt in a bowl.
Next, add a layer of granola followed by a layer of fruit.
Continue the 3 layers till you reach the top of the bowl and sprinkle a little cinnamon on the top.

That is all, incredibly simple and a perfect way to let the kids get creative with different fruits.

Productive Moms Excercise

A healthy mom is able to keep up with her busy schedule and be there for her family.  It also helps to clear minds and teaches children the importance of being healthy.  Besides, it is so much fun to have the energy to run around and play with your children – a healthy lifestyle with exercise helps to ensure many years of fun playtime with children.


 There’s already too much going on in a mom’s head.  There are a lot of minute details to remember and keep straight with children’s schedules for school and activities, lunchtime packing, carpools, school supply needs, school clothes, ensuring healthy development and making sure everyone knows and feels heard and loved.  That doesn’t leave a lot of time for a mom to process her own feelings.  A great way to work through problems or assess themselves as a whole is to journal their feelings to process everything and help ensure mental health.

Productive Moms Have Learned to delegate and say NO 

Highly productive moms ironically enough realize they can’t do it all. There needs to be a plan for delegation with the ability to say no to tasks and requests without guilt. Saying no is powerful and truly the utmost powerful people are masters as this habit.


Being a productive mom is not easy, but taking these eight habits to heart helps to ensure success in a powerful and productive way.

Is this something you struggle with? Have you ever tried any strategies apart from the ones mentioned above? 

Please share with me in the comments section!  And make sure you grab some Greek Gods Yogurt during your next Walmart trip and start your day off right with an easy and delicious breakfast parfait.

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