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Anthony will be turning 10 soon and we are starting to give him a little more independence.  
I don’t know where the time went, my little boy went from sippy cups and cheerios to technology obsessed and picking out his own clothes.  As he reaches the double digits we agreed to get him his first cell phone with a prepaid plan.
We don’t have a house phone because both my husband and I have cell phones and the kids know how to work them incase of an emergency.  With two cell phones, having an extra landline phone and the bill that comes along with it didn’t make sense to us.  This is the main reason we are agreeing to let him have his own prepaid phone.
 Anthony will soon begin learning how to stay home alone for short periods of time and I want him to have a way of contacting me or emergency help.  However Anthony is still young so we have decided to implement several rules to go along with this phone privilege, and because we are using a Simply Prepaid plan from T-Mobile, I can cancel the phone at any time. 

These are 5 rules we currently have in our house, I’m sure these will change as he gets older.

Our Family Cell Phone Rules:
1) Phones can not be brought to school.
2) Mommy and Daddy get access to the cell phone at anytime.
3) Bedroom must stay clean and chores have to be done or the bill will not be paid.
4) Homework and reading needs to be finished every afternoon before the phone gets turned on.
  5) No texting photos or videos.
Once we agreed it was time for Anthony to get his first cell plan, we had to start looking into cell phones and calling plan options.  We knew we wanted a prepaid plan because we didn’t want to worry about overages or being locked into an annual contact.  However prepaid plans often have slow data, a spotty network, and less of a selection of phones.  This was worrysome for me because I wanted to be sure the signal would work at several different places, especially my parents house where a signal can be hard to get.  It was also disappointing to Anthony who really wanted a “cool” phone. 
We were excited to visit our local Walmart, and see that they were introducing Simply Prepaid™  from T-Mobile.   Simply Prepaid showed us we didn’t have to settle for second-rate prepaid wireless!  Which was a huge surprise.
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  Anthony loved the phone options and his new Samsung Galaxy Avant is a perfect fit.  It’s a nice smart phone that doesn’t break the bank. 
I was relieved that the plans run on T-Mobile’s nationwide 4G LTE network, so I knew the coverage would be great. 
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Choosing a plan with Simply Prepaid was also a smooth process,  their prepaid wireless plans offer unlimited talk, text, and data with your choice of a high-speed data amount, starting at $40 a month.  This gives him the ability to talk and text with his uncle in South Carolina as much as he wants, play games and watch movies all without me worrying about him burning through a plan or occurring overage charges.
  We were also able to put parental controls on the phone during the activation process which was a great perk to me. 
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 This phone plan has been awesome for us.  As we come into spring, the kids are getting busier everyday with sports, school activities, and play dates.  I love having the piece of mind that comes with being able to get in contact with Anthony anytime I want, whether he’s at the soccer field while I’m running to dance or at a friends house.
Best of all, Anthony has been playing and texting with his uncle every night over the phone.  His uncle moved to South Carolina a couple years ago and Anthony really misses him and the bond they shared.  Its amazing watching him reconnect with my brother. 
So far giving him his own phone has been a great experience.
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