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I am currently devouring a box of chocolates!
I opened up the beautiful box that came in the mail from a chocolate company that I hadn’t heard of before and each piece of chocolate in the box looked so pretty that I had to to try every one.  In my mind I thought “I’ll try one so that I know what I’m talking about when I write about them, and save the rest of the calories for my hubby”.
 I kid you not the box is empty right now!
My husband hasn’t come home from work yet, so I guess I can hide the evidence and pretend this deliciousness never happened?
This amazing box of sweets was, Gather Chocolates handmade by Harbor Sweets.

Harbor Sweets produces a large selection of handcrafted artisan chocolates and has done so since 1973.
They are based in Salem, Ma.  When I read that, I felt less guilty about eating the entire box of chocolates by myself, because after all, these were created in my old home town and it can be considered a perfect remedy for the twinge of homesickness I’ve been feeling.

The new Gather line of chocolates isn’t just delicious, it has a mission attached to it, inspired by the plight of the honeybees.  By bringing awerness to the alarming loss of honeybees and the impact this has on our eco-system, Gather Chocolate hopes to be part of the solution.

2.5% of all Gather Chocolate sales are donated to Pollinator Partnership, who educates and advocates for honeybee protection.

Gather Chocolates are made by hand in small batches to unify the rich notes of 70% cocao dark chocolate which is complimented by lighter notes of natural honey.
These chocolates truly are out of this world.  Each piece I put in my mouth had a new and unique flavor that had the prefect amount of sweetness for my tastebuds.

Gather Chocolates come in 6 piece boxes and 12 piece boxes.  The 6 piece option is $12.50 and the 12 piece box cost $18.50.  You can learn more about Gather Chocolates on the Harbor Sweets Website.
These boxes are a perfect option for holiday gifts.  The chocolate is unique and enjoyable, they come in a box perfect for gifting, and the price point makes it an affordable option for teachers’ gifts, hostess gifts, and to keep on hand for when you need an unexpected gift.  Just be careful you don’t eat them all before you need the gift!

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