I love planners, I love lists, I love writing.  I make quick notes on my phone or computer, but there is something special about taking a pen to paper.  Despite all the cool tech gadgets, I don’t think I’ll ever do away with my pretty paper planner!
I posted last year about my ARC planner, I have tried a few other planners since then, but I keep going back to the disc bound version.  I love the versatility, the quality, and how easy it is to customize.

Here are some of my favorite planner accessories:
The ARC System Desktop Punch is a necessity for any disc bound addict.  This allows you to make any piece of paper compatible with your system.  I like to add note cards, scrapbook paper, and loose lists I have lying around to my planner, and this punch allows me too.
I’m in love with the fun discs that Levenger offers.  I cant decide if I like the teal, purple, or gold ones best.
Staples ARC system has the best deals on covers and calendars .  I currently have the plain black leather cover, but the quilted shiny one looks adorable.  Oh and they have it in pink!
If you want to print out your own calendar and planner paper, Etsy has thousands of beautiful layouts!
Now for the fun stuff, decorating!  I use washi tape, stickers, colorful pens and paper to make my planner extra special to write in.  My favorite pens or Fiskars Gel Pens, the colors are great and they write smooth without bleeding through my pages.
As for stickers and other decorating ideas, Etsy is always my go-to place.
A few of my favorite shops are:

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