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When decorating and setting our electronics one of my biggest pet peeves is having wires everywhere.
I never realized this was annoying, growing up my dad always had them either hidden behind drywall or neatly zip-tied behind strip covers.  Back then I remember having the big stereos with the two speakers on each side and the thin wire connecting them in my room.  I have a vivid memory of my mother saying “why don’t you put this frame here and it’ll hide the wires”  my teenage self thought she was crazy and probably made some rude comment to get out.
Then I moved in with my now husband, a man that grew up on a farm in Brazil.  Let’s just say every time we bought a new piece of electronics our neighbors could here me horrified as my mothers voice poured out of mouth.  “Why are the wires everywhere?”, “That looks so cluttered and dirt!”, one time my pour husband not understanding the issue at all even tried to paint the wires to our surround sound speakers so “they would blend in with the wall”.

As the years have passed, he has learned to deal with my anal-retentiveness with certain things and I have learned to realize its easier to let go of the simpler things.  However those wires still drive me crazy if they are not set up right.
Thanks to Best Buy, I have found 2 great products that are helping me handle the never ending wire overflow in our home!
First is the Actiontec MyWirelessTV2, this system is ready to use right out of the box and lets you connect HDMI cables to a HDTV wirelessly.  It is compatible with all the gadgets my family uses, the cable box, Xbox, DVD Player, and the hubby’s android box for watching his Brazilian channels.  As soon as it was plugged in, in the family room I was thrilled. Then I realized that the I could also send the signal upstairs to the kids room.  Prior to the My Wireless TV 2 system, we had a wire drilled through the ceiling and running the hall, I hated it!  That wire immediately came down and got tossed.  I definitely recommend the MyWirelessTV2!
Second is the Actiontec ScreenBeamMini2, once I calmed down over the fresh look of a wire free TV station, I broke open the second box containing the ScreenBeam Mini2.  This little pocket size device brings my wireless TV to a whole other level.  Most of my digital movies, TV shows and home videos are on my phone.  Prior to the ScreenBeam Mini2 I had to to either wire my phone to the TV or add an additional app to my husbands smart box that was wired to the TV.  Now I just plug the little gadget into the back of my TV and it wirelessly connects to my phone, tablet, or laptop!  Plus it is so portable, I plan to bring with us whenever we want to watch a movie at friends houses or to put up a picture slide show at our Christmas party.
I am loving these new gadgets!  They have made our home look less cluttered and added an ease of use to all aspects of our TV enjoyments.

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