With so much going on in this household, I knew I needed a way to get us all organized together in one location and this binder is the best time saver I’ve found. I haven’t had to search for papers or rush around worrying about a forgotten bill or errand since I put this together.

I got this pretty teal binder from staples along with the stick on label, they were part of the Martha Stewart collection.

This folder in the front pocket holds all my coupons and flyer’s I need for my next shopping trip

 Then I have a bunch of lines paper with tear sided for notes, these were also part of the Martha Stewart collection.

Then starts the dividers and page protectors:
I have a home section
For all the house hold papers I need at my fingertips for the month, bills for the month, church stuff, warranty paperwork I’m filing on, exc.

Then each family member has a section.  I keep doctor order/referrals, the kids IEP’s, Advocate phone numbers, Lillys asthma plan, My bible study plan, Things I want to call teachers about, exc.

Then in the back pocket I have some cute post its and a pink pen
I used to have a pile of papers and would have to sort out everything each time I needed one thing.  Now I turn to a section, grab it, and I’m set.

At the end of each month I clean it out, file what needs to be filed in the filing cabinet and throw out what is done.

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