*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by McDonald’s, however as always all opinions are 100% my own*
I was very excited when I recently got an invitation to the Open Door Tour event at McDonald’s.  Like most of you, I’m a busy mommy.  Between the kids sporting events, dance classes, school events, my own work schedule, the hubby, and the house, there never seems to be enough hours in the day.
So how do I usually gain an extra minute in the day?  On really busy days its usually by cutting out cooking a meal. 
I have to admit that as someone who has never worked in the restaurant industry, I had some preconceived notions of what it might look like behind the counter of a fast food restaurant, and I often felt guilty about what I was feeding my family.  I didn’t know if it was healthy or if the quality of the food was good.  We had always tried to choose healthy options at the drive thru, however when your placing an order through a brick wall its hard to know if what your getting is “real” food or not.  So the Open Door Tour at McDonald’s was a perfect opportunity for me to see what I was eating and more importantly what my children were eating, with my own eyes.
I must admit, I was beyond surprised with the quality of the food in the McDonald’s kitchen!

The Open Door Tour was during the breakfast shift and I saw fresh fruit, whole eggs, tons of veggies, and healthy food options everywhere!
Along with some other awesome bloggers, I got to try out the smoothie maker which I want in my own kitchen so badly!  Crack some eggs and make an egg McMuffin, and then tour the kitchen and fridge which were stocked with yummy veggies.
The Open Door Tour squashed so many of my preconceived images of what McDonald’s food was made of and I was excited to learn that the food being used in the restaurants kitchen, are foods I would have in my own kitchen.
Some fun facts I learned:
–  McDonald’s food has no trans fat.
– They use well known brands of food such as Tyson, McCain, and Dannon.
– They use 100% Arabica coffee beans which have a 30 minute shelf life once brewed, so the customer is always getting a fresh cup of coffee.
– The produce is fresh and delivered regularly.
– You can customize your order to meet your nutritional needs.
– McDonald’s has great safety guidelines, including daily food temperature tests and hand washing timers.
– Employees can receive their high school diploma online or college tuition reimbursement through McDonald’s Archway Program. 
My favorite part of the Open Door Tour was getting to meet the McDonald’s brand ambassador, John Cisna, and hear his story.
As a teacher, John conducted a student-led experiment that lasted 6 months.  During the 6 months, John could only eat McDonald’s food.  He gave his students a guideline of 2000 calories a day, plus 15 nutrients to track and let them choose his daily meals.  John also walked for an hour everyday and had his blood work checked regularly as he ate the 540 fast food meals.
Using the My Meal Builder feature on the McDonald’s website the students were able to find over 56 food combinations that met his nutritional guidelines.
Knowing he only ate McDonald’s food for 6 months straight, you would assume he gained weight right?  Nope, he lost nearly 60lbs!
A man that had been obese for 25 years, was able to both loose weight, and lower his cholesterol, while eating 3 meals a day from McDonald’s.
John Cisna’s story is inspiring, especially to a busy mom who eats on the go too often.  It also proves it’s not were you eat, it’s what you choose to eat and how much of it, that makes the difference.
One of John Cisna’s breakfast items was the McDonald’s fruit and maple oatmeal, which I tried for the first time during the Open Door Tour and loved it!  It’s become my breakfast go-to when I’m on the go.
After the Open Door Tour I am relieved and excited to know that McDonald’s has a large selection of quality healthy meals that are yummy so I can feel completely comfortable with what I’m feeding my family.

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