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The holidays are coming in the blink of an eye.  I was skimming through the TV channels today to look for a cute Halloween movie to watch with the kids and instead stumbled upon ELF!  I thought I had a few more weeks till I had to start worrying about the parties and holiday cooking, I was wrong.

I finally found a Halloween movie for the kids but instead of snuggling up for the movie, I started creating menus in me head.  Thanksgiving, friendsgiving, family Christmas parties, Christmas Eve, Christmas dinner, exc.  The holidays calls for a LOT of cooking!  And every year I battle the same problem, so many things to cook and not enough oven space.
On Thanksgiving we have a large turkey.  On Christmas we have a large ham.  Both of these call for hours of cooking time while simultaneously taking up an entire oven.  When I plan for lasagna, casseroles, baking, and more the oven space causes anxiety every time I plan on hosting.

I want to be able to have Italian cookies baking, lasagna heating up, and my turkey turning golden brown all at the same time.

LG Double Oven Best Buy
Now I can!
The new LG ProBake Oven at Best Buy has every thing a holiday hostess could want.

  • ProBake Convection™: Baking to Perfection on Every Rack, Every Time with even, professional style cooking at home.
  • Heating element on the back wall for optimal heat distribution.  
  • EasyClean® to get a spotless oven in just 10 minutes without strong chemical fumes or high heat.
  • Plus plenty of space for all your baking desires! 

Plus to make the LG ProBake Oven an even better addition to your kitchen in time for the holidays, Best Buy has some awesome savings offers for you to take advantage of:

  • The Kitchen Bundle Rebate offer is available through October 29th, where consumers receive a Visa Gift Card valued up to $400 with purchase of a 4 piece Kitchen Package.
  • You will receive 5x reward points with your Best Buy account on any ProBake Range purchase from September 28th through October 29th.  This can also be stacked with the kitchen bundle rebate mentioned above!

Oven baking holiday offers best buy
Can you imagine having this beautiful oven to get all your holiday baking done in this holiday season?  No more juggling what goes in the oven next or worrying about the bottom of the cookies getting brown before the top.

What is your favorite thing to bake over the holidays?




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