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Don’t just be a Soccer Mom, Be a Sideline Hero!

I never imagined myself becoming a soccer mom, a sports mom, or anything of the sort.  I was going to be the cool mom, or so I thought.  Who knew back then that what would end up being the coolest in my children’s eyes would be a full-fledged, minivan driving, lawn chair carrying, snack packing, sitting on a field all day cheering, soccer mom!  So that’s what I am, every Saturday morning I help strap on shin pads, lace up cleats, and get my players down to the field, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Seeing the passion in their eyes as they play their games, and watching the friendships and bonds they make with their teammates and coach is incomparable.

Season after season, I’ve learned what I needed to pack the most for the field and have come up with my Ultimate Sideline Kit.  These are the things that keep my kids and their teammates happy and hydrated, and be comfortable on a field for endless hours so I can cheer on my teams.
Luckily as a busy mom, I’m able to stock and restock the back of my minivan with everything I need to bring available at Walmart.  So whats in my Sideline Kit?

Check out my Sideline Kit!

First and foremost is a beverage, the players are running, sweating, and during many games under the hot sun.  They need to stay hydrated, and I trust POWERADE® to replenish them with its ION4® Advanced Electrolyte System helps replenish four electrolytes lost in sweat: sodium, potassium, calcium, and magnesium.  Plus the kids love the flavors, so its a win/win!
The second most important thing I need to remember to pack is a team snack.  I like to keep it nutritional with fresh fruits and veggies, and on some weeks I like to get a little creative and make snack time an extra fun break for the team.  One of my kids favorite snack options is fruit cones, which are Ice cream cones that are dipped in a bit of chocolate and then packed with fresh fruit.  The kids get their servings of fruit in and get it’s served in an extra special sweet treat!

Fruit Cones Recipe:

Ice Cream Cones
Melting Chocolate
Melt your chocolate in a bowl big enough to fit the top of your ice cream cones.
Dip the tops of your cones in the chocolate and scoop a little into the bottom of the cone,  you could use team-colored chocolate for an extra fun pop of color, but my boys like milk chocolate the best.
Either let the cones stand for a while so the chocolate can harden or place them in the fridge for several minutes.
Once the chocolate is firm, stuff them with fresh fruit.  I usually use oranges, different types of berries, and grapes.  Once they are packed full, I use the leftover chocolate to drizzle over the top of the fruit.
For my Sideline Kit, I wrap them in plastic and then put the fruit cones inside a fun bag with their POWERADE® and then seal up the bags with a cute soccer sticker.
This makes for some very happy kids during snack time!
Some other important things I need in my Sideline Kit are:
Sunscreen, the kids (and me) are on an open field with the sun beating down.  It is important to keep them protected.
Extra layers, in New England we start the spring season with snow banks still on the street corners and end it with beach weather, and the fall season is reversed.  So I always keep a couple extra sweatshirts in my soccer bag and a few long sleeve shirts that fit easily under the kid’s jerseys.
Phone aka my camera, to capture these precious moments!
Mini First Aid Kit, with bandages wet wipes, and antibacterial ointment.  The big kids fall and it doesn’t seem to faze them but the little ones always need a little extra loving when they see a bloody knee.
Soccer ball, yes the teams have balls but when one child’s game is over and another one starts, I often have a child wanting to run off and kick a ball around.
Lawnchair/blanket to sit on,  my lawn chairs are permanently in the back of the van from the start of spring soccer season to the end of the fall soccer season.  I also usually have a blanket in there so that when the kid’s games are at different times, the kids not playing have a comfortable place to rest.
Extra snacks and POWERADE® for when my players are finished with a game and still have to hang around the field waiting for their brother or sister to finish.
Before I had kids I never imagined myself as a soccer mom.  The thought of a minivan nearly made me gag, but now with three little soccer stars, I wouldn’t trade in my minivan driving, soccer mommy, sideline hero life for anything in the world!
 I’ve shared my sideline kit ideas with you. I’d love to hear about yours!  How you prepare for game days?
No matSoccer-mom-fruit-cone-recipeter who you are, we all started from the same place – just a kid from somewhere. POWERADE® believes that we all have the ability to power through and reach our athletic potential. POWERADE® is teaming up with the Boys and Girls Club, providing the belief, emotional and physical support, and hydration young athletes need to perform.
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