I love the fold over elastic hair ties!  However, I hate how much they cost, especially because I know how cheap FOE elastic is.  So a couple years ago I started making them for both Lilly and me, and now there all we use.  They don’t pull or break our hair, Lilly wears them as bracelets too, and I love how they don’t leave as much of a bump in my thin hair when I take my ponytail out.
The best part is there super easy to make!
What you’ll need:
Fold Over Elastic, you can get this at your local fabric store or on Etsy.
Measuring Tape or Ruler
Measure and cut the elastic at 8″-10″.
 Use the lighter and run a flame quickly along the ends of the elastic strip to seal them and prevent fraying.
 Fold the elastic in half and tie a not at the end. 
That’s it! Easy Peasy!
Want to make your hair ties even more fun?  Add a ribbon slider to the elastic before you tie them.

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