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Have you ever had your antiperspirant fail you when you needed it most?  I have and on more than one occasion!  I spend most days chasing after 3 kids and a dog, so even on the days when I am getting ready to head out to someplace special, I am usually running around the house, up and down stairs, trying to break up a fight , find a missing shoe or let the dog outside.  As a result of these frantic episodes, I have walked into appointments and parties with white stains up the sides of my shirt, more times than I’ll ever admit.  Most people assume the baby wipes I have stored in the car are for wiping little faces and dirty hands, however I think they’ve been used to try to get out last minute deodorant stains more often than anything else.

White stains are a pain but it’s much more embarrassing when the antiperspirant fails all together and you end up with wet stains under your arms!  I have had this happen and as a result, I started taking a second shirt with me whenever I’m going to be someplace that I know will be hot or  I will be moving around a lot.
Dove has come out with a new antiperspirant that is taking the stress out of our morning routine!  I am very excited about being able to ditch the ick and simply spray on an antiperspirant that goes on dry!  No more wet feeling, no more white clumps in my underarms, and best of all no more white spots on my shirts!
Dove, Degree, and Axe have all come of with these amazing Dry Spray Antiperspirants that offer superior protection while leaving your skin feeling clean and fresh.  They spray on instantly dry and give you the ability to enjoy 48 hours of protection.
Head over to Walmart and try the new Dry Sprays for yourself and Ditch The Ick!


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