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With technology and toys pulling on the kid’s time every day, It can be hard to encourage young kids to sit in a quiet room and read.  However, it is one of the most important activities that can lead to not only a lifelong enjoyment of reading but also it is the most important foundation at school.

As an autism mom my children are language delayed, so learning to read has been a struggle.  So I know firsthand the issues a child will face at school if their reading is not at grade level.  After countless head in palms moments and a few tears (from all of us) the twins are finally on the pathway to loving the adventure a book can take them on.  

Once the kids got a grasp of reading on their own, it was time to create a quiete reading corner that is fun and enticing so that they will want to relax and read.

The Kids Play Tent by Discovery Kids has been the perfect addition!
The tent is easy to put together, it took me about 5 minutes to build the frame.  It has a screened window so the kids “can breathe inside” and if I want to move it or put it away it folds down flat.
I also love the simple design and neutral colors, which not only goes with most room designs, but it also doesn’t call their attention while reading.

To create the prefect reading tent I grabbed an old basket and filled it with books that the kids were able to read on their own.

Added some comfy pillows and favorite blankets.

Put it in a quite well-lit corner.

That’s it, a cute area to relax with a book.  
And guess what?  The kids are reading twice as much, because they love their own little reading areas.
Want to learn more about the Discovery Kids Foldable Tent?
It is available at Kohls and ToysRUs for $69.99.

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