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10 Great Travel Games to Make Road Trips Fun

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After spending 70+ hours in a Van with 3 kids over the past few weeks, I learned what works and what doesn’t to keep them happy and entertained.

Here is a list of 10 great Travel Games to help you make a road trip fun!

10 Travel Games for Your Next Road Trip

License Plate Travel Game

Melissa & Doug License Plate Game

Road trip Add excitement to travel with this sturdy, reusable classic travel game. Learn the name and location of all fifty states, identify states by their license plate design or simply plot your trip by flipping the states along your route…this is truly fun on the go No loose pieces to leave a trail.

Words with Friends on the Go Game

Zynga Words with Friends To Go Game


Play this travel size Words with Friends game whenever the urge for words strikes! Based on the addictive online game, this portable word game lets you create words vertically or horizontally that connect to previous words. The player with the most points wins, and when the game is over you can store the tiles and game board inside the portable case. Take your wordy fun on the road with the Words with Friends game!
Friendship Bracelet Travel Kit

My Friendship Bracelet Maker Traveler

Celebrate friendship and creativity with our portable Traveler Friendship Bracelet Maker. The Traveler features a weaving work surface with slide-out storage drawer and 20 pre-cut threads in bright shades that appeal to every child. Color instructions are included.

Find it Travel Game

Find It Games At the Beach

Find It at the Beach is a contained adventure. It features ocean blue end caps and over 40 hidden items with a beach theme in soothing blues, greens, and coral colored pellets. This is an exciting game that is a great travel game with its enclosed pieces that will never get lost. Will you find the ray, whale, beach chair, shark, bathing suit or lighthouse in this contained adventure. The hard to find penny is still included in the Find It At the Beach game. Play Find It At the Beach in your home at the cabin, car or office. Includes Find It At the Beach game and a check off pad. Find It can be played alone or as a timed game with friends.

Guess Who Travel Game

Hasbro Travel Guess Who Game Fun On The Run

Hasbro Travel Guess Who Game Fun On The Run.
Spot It on the road Game

Spot It! on the Road

Spot it! has officially hit the open road. Each colorful symbol is something you would see on a typical road trip. This edition has a new way to play while in the car: Travel Bingo. Whether you’re in the big city, cruising down the highway, or just around town, there is always something to spot. Be sure to pack Spot it! On the Road to bust backseat boredom wherever you go. This little tin has everything you need for endlessly fun car games! Includes 55 cards in a tin canister.

Hangman on the go Game

Melissa & Doug Flip to Win Hangman

These fabulous, travel-style games bring new fun and convenience to old family favorites. Innovative flipping pieces won’t get lost. Includes one game board with erasable whiteboard, self-storing marker, and eraser. Great for the road and at home. Exceptional Quality and Value.
Curious George Travel Game

Curious George Travel Cube

Take the fun anywhere. Curious George wants to play his favorite games with you. This travel-sized cube has a convenient carry it anywhere handle and comes loaded with bingo, two classic card games and a fun new four-in-a-row game all featuring Curious George and his friends. Learning fun, number, color and shape recognition, matching and strategic thinking. Product contents 1 game board in 4 pieces, 1 deck of 40 cards, 1 rules card, 60 tokens, 25 bingo tile, 1 spinner, and 1 game rules manual. Age 3+, number of players 2 to 5. The wonder forge features family games designed to bridge generation gaps and build family bonds. Its preschool sub-brand, I can do that. Games, is designed to celebrate the “can do” in every kid, with games that engage children physically, socially and creatively.

Travel Blurt Game

Educational Insights Travel Blurt!

Now you can Blurt. on the go. This handy, portable version of best-selling Blurt. includes 75 new Blurt. definition cards (450 new Blurt. clues), cardholder, scoreboard, and magnetic pieces. Take turns passing the cards, reading the definitions and blurting out the answers.

Lets Go Fishing Travel Game

Let’s Go Fishing

Try to get the most fish in this classic action-packed game! For 1 to 4 players, Contents: Deluxe plastic game base, 21 colorful fish, 4 plastic fishing poles, rules. Requires 1 x C battery (not included). 4 Years +


Plane Travel with Twin Toddlers – Lessons Learned

Our last family trip to Brazil included the huge task of handling two 18 month old lap children, no easy task with a 5 year old in toe and a 24 hour trip. Our excursion started in Boston, with layovers in New York and Sao Paulo, then we finally reached our destination of Vitoria, Brazil. I learned allot about air traveling with two toddlers from this round trip vacay.
Plane Lessons Learned:
  • Less is more with carry-ons and layovers. If we had a direct flight it probably wouldn’t have mattered to much about how much carryons we had but with our 3 plane itinerary, the carryons ended up being more of a hassle then they were worth and scaled way back on the trip home. When your each carrying a baby, watching a kindergartner, and worrying about all the carryons it can get crazy. Then if you add airplane stairs to the mix because the plane doesn’t pull up directly to the gate… forget it.
  • Ask for lap child seat belts! I cant believe we traveled three planes down there and not one stewardess mentioned these to us! The first flight on the trip back they brought them right over and they were awesome, they just wrap around your seat belts and are so helpful with keeping a fidgety baby seated
  • Some Stewardesses are better than others. All in all we were pretty lucky we traveled Delta and Tam airlines, all our Tam flights were great, but I learned years ago with my oldest that Brazilians seem to be allot more tolerant about children travelers. My first flight on Delta to NY was horrible the stewardess were rude and snippy about the twins and while never offered the lap seat belts she seemed to come by my husbands seat 10 times to complain about how he was holding my son I swear she would have been happier if DH sat on him. The way back the Delta stewardesses were awesome! gave the kids snacks and the pilot came out with wings for them. A good stewardess can really make the whole process allot less stressful.
  • On the way there I packed a bunch of toys and activities with the hope of avoiding any meltdowns but the best thing I packed was Tape, regular scotch tape, I packed a few rolls of it and it kept them busy for hours. Perfect for take off and landing when you cant use electronics or have the tray out.
  • Prepare before you board. Have bottles ready, diapers changed, and jammies on before you board the plane. The plane bathrooms are so tiny, lines can get long, and by the end of our long flight they were pretty disgusting so trying to change a rolling toddler wouldn’t be to much fun, and making a bottle with a grabbing toddler in your arms, not so easy. Also get yourself ready for a long hall stuck in a chair, once Lilly fell asleep I wasn’t moving an inch.
  • Bring everyone a change of clothes on the plane. I thought I was safe packing just a pair for the babies well you cant predict everything. My oldest who has never gotten motion sick in his life (and has taken this trip 3 times before) got sick on the way home and got sick everywhere, all over himself, DH, and Aidan. This lead to a quick stop at the airport gift shop after the plane landed.
  • A rolling carry on is best, I brought a rolling suitcase with the babies clothes and then when traveling through the airport we put everything else in it, Diaper bag, laptop bag, pocketbook, exc. One bag to roll one carriage to push, done.
  • Schedule a good chunk of time for layovers. You don’t want to be running from one plane to another with little ones. Its best to give them some time to run off energy, move around, eat, and watch the planes out the windows. This will make for a much more pleasant plane ride.
  • Bring your own food and drink on the plane. On international flights they still usually serve dinner and breakfast, but with a lap child its practically impossible to eat. There is little room left to open your seat tray and even when you get it open trying to stop your munchkin from spilling everything is a whole different task. I went to the food court prior to boarding and got a drink with a cover and takeout that I could eat out of the bag, this was allot easier.

All in all our trip was easier than I expected and well worth it!

Traveling with Kids ~ Packing your Carry-on

We usually fly with our children at least once a year, sometimes more.  The trip we take most often is from Boston to Brazil.  This is a 3 flight, 20 hour travel time trip!  So when we do trips to Florida or anywhere in the USA, it feels like a walk in the park.
I definitely pack our Carry-ons a little different for our Brazil trips but the basics are always the same.
I carry a large tote type bag that can be carried over my shoulder or wrapped onto the top of our rolling carry-on.
This bag can fit under the seat in front of me, so I like to keep things I’ll need often through out the flight in it.

I pack a wristlet with our ID’s, cash, credit cards, phone, and travel itinerary in the tote bag, this saves me from having to lug a full size pocketbook through the airport.
Now that the twins are a bit older I’m also able to pack a book! When they were little this was pointless so I’d just grab a magazine in the airport and hope they’d fall asleep long enough for me to flip through it.
I also pack gum to help with ear popping.  My kids usually aren’t aloud to have gum so this is a special treat, and necessary now that they no longer use pacifiers or bottles.
My kids have Ipads (I know this isn’t the norm, but they were bought used or on sale and have been very beneficial for school)  These also go in the Tote, so that they can come out as soon as we get in the air.  I also make sure to bring headphones, no one around us wants to listen to an Ipad sing the ABC’s for an entire flight.
 I also pack snacks in the tote, there extremely expensive at the airport stores so I bring some from home.
I know most airlines come around with similar snacks and our international flights give full meals.  However I like to be able to have my own for when the kids get fidgety especially during take off and landing, when electronics need to be off and the seat back tables have to be up.
Once through security I buy everyone resealable drinks too,  they are pricey but having them available makes the trip go smoother.
 I also pack new coloring books and crayons for each child, I get them at the dollar store before we leave.  Having a new book is exciting and keeps their attention longer than one that we have already at home.


 In the rolling carry-on, I keep things that I mainly need in the airport or don’t want to pack in our checked luggage.
Michael Kors Carry On
For Short Flights:
Change of Pants for the Twins incase of potty accidents
For International Flights:
All of the above, plus…
Extra Snacks
Change of Clothes for the kids
Nintendo DS’s (for when the Ipad batteries die)
Travel Pillows
Socks (we usually travel in flip flops, and socks help with sleeping)
Tooth brushes, Makeup, Face Wipes (we usually spend a day at a layover city so having stuff to freshen up with is important)
Cards and Small travel games (I usually grab a few from the dollar store, they help with quiet time in the hotel too)
This is all we need to pack to get through a flight now a days.  It was a bit harder to keep the kids content on the plane when they were younger.  Click here to read what worked for me back then.
Our last trip to South Carolina, was extremely easy.  So I feel like the kids are finally at good ages.  Also I’ve learned how to stop over packing carry-on’s which cuts back on the lugging around stress, and focus only on what really keeps the kids entertained.
 We flew JetBlue on our last trip, I was pleasantly surprised to see seat back TV’s on their domestic flights! We usually fly Delta or American Airlines, I have never seen this in any of those domestic flights.  Delta has had the TV’s in every International flight I’ve taken, American Airlines has always been a roll of the dice.
This is a huge perk!  The kids could watch Nickelodeon, the Disney Channel, or even some movies the entire time we were in the air.
Plus to top it off JetBlue was the cheapest!  I’ll definitely be leaning towards flying with them from now on.
We don’t gate check the stroller any longer.  Now that they can walk, its easier to get through security without it, plus walking through the airport helps get some energy out.
This is what helps us get through plane trips.  It can be stressful, but worth it!


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