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Creating the Perfect Summer Afternoon with NABISCO!

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Summer Fun Afternoon Tips

Creating the Perfect Summer Afternoon

The summer is dwindling down here in Florida, the kids only have 3 weeks left of school break and we are trying to cram in as much family fun as possible in before the first school bell rings.  One of our favorite things to do is to ride our bikes as a family to one of the local playgrounds.  We have such amazing bike trails here in Tampa Bay that a nice bike ride followed by a picnic and some time on the swings is a perfect way to spend an afternoon. 


My New Favorite On The Go Snack as a Sports Mom

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On the Go Snack for Busy Moms

Delicious On The Go Snack for Busy Moms

It’s that time of year again, football and cheerleading registration time! As a sports mom, my busiest time of year is from mid-July through the beginning of November. My kids participate in countless activities and sports including guitar lessons, dance classes, karate, and more, but nothing compares to the rigorous schedule I have as a twin mom to a football player on one side of the field and a cheerleader on the other side. From midsummer till the end of fall we are on the sideline 3 nights a week and every weekend so on the go snacks are a must for me.

I have recently fallen in love with Blue Diamond Nut-Thins®! I have been trying all the yummy flavors of these thin and crispy crackers and have enjoyed every single flavor so far. They have been a perfect go to whether I am sitting at my desk and needing something to munch on or heading out with the kids and need an on the go snack that I can toss in my bag.

Easy on the go snack at work

Blue Diamond® Nut-Thins are a delicious snack that is crunchy and crispy like a potato chip, but sturdy enough for dips and toppings. This is what has me hooked, I love that I can eat them with hummus, a veggie dip, or all alone if I am just craving something crunchy. Plus they are made with Real Blue Diamond® Almonds, are wheat and gluten free, and contain no artificial flavors so I am able to snack guilt-free and feel good about serving them to my family when they ask for a snack.

I am sure these will be stocked in my cabinets and car throughout football season and you will see me with a box in hand and a bowl of hummus on the bleachers at every practice. Having a yummy snack makes my time on those bleachers a lot more enjoyable, especially as the season runs on and all us sports moms are watching our calendars to see how many more weeks we have left.
Find Blue Diamond® Nut-Thins in at a store near you with this product locator!

What is your favorite on the go snack?

Delicious on the go snack option


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On The Go Snack for Busy Sports Moms

DIY INCREDIBLES 2 Rice Krispies Treats Recipe

DIY Incredibles 2 Rice Krispies Treat snacks

DIY INCREDIBLES 2 Inspired Rice Krispies Treats

It’s officially out today! The Incredible’s are hitting theatres again for INCREDIBLES 2 and I can hardly wait to get to the movie theater.
I loved the storyline of the first movie and I am sure that Disney Pixar will have something incredible up their sleeves for INCREDIBLES 2 (as they always do!).  We are going to see the new release tomorrow when my oldest comes back from camp, so in the meantime, I’m spending time with the twins celebrating the movie with Disney’s free printable activity sheets and these easy Incredibles 2 Rice Krispies treats.

These cereal treats were totally inspired by Disney’s favorite superheroes. It was extra fun to color the marshmallows into this deep red. Not to mention, the logo came out exactly how I wanted it to. I think these would make a fun addition to any Incredibles-themed birthday party. I mean, can’t you just see it sitting perfectly on the sweets table?! I sure can!

DIY Incredibles 2 Rice Krispies Treats Snack Recipe

INCREDIBLES 2 Rice Krispies Treats Recipe

Yields: 6-8 cereal treats

2 tbsp butter
3 cups mini marshmallows
1 tbsp red gel food coloring
4 cups rice cereal
4 oz yellow fondant
Cornstarch for rolling
Black buttercream

DIY Incredibles 2 Rice Krispies Treats Recipe

Line a square pan (8×8) with wax paper and set aside. In a medium-sized pot, melt butter over medium heat. Add marshmallows and stir until completely melted.

Red DIY Incredibles 2 Rice Krispies Treats Recipe

Add red food coloring and mix until completely colored. Add rice cereal into the mix and fold until cereal and marshmallow mixture are thoroughly combined.

Evenly press the cereal treat mixture into your pan and allow to set.

DIY Incredibles 2 Rice Krispies Treats Fondont Recipe

In the meantime, make fondant shapes. Roll out your yellow fondant so that it’s about ¼ an inch thick and cut out rectangular shapes, about an inch long and 1/3 of an inch wide. Cut one end of each rectangle at an angle.

DIY Incredibles 2 Red Rice Krispies Treats Recipe

Using the end tip of a frosting tip, cut out mini circles.

DIY Incredibles 2 Rice Krispies Recipe

Cut each cereal treat into rectangles. Frost each one with a solid circle (on a slight angle) with your black buttercream. Decorate with your fondant pieces.

Easy DIY Incredibles 2 Rice Krispies Treats Recipe

Making Summertime Delicious with Cool Cocktails and Fresh Food!

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Cool Cocktails Rose' Recipe

Make Summertime Extra Yummy with Cool Cocktails & Fresh Food!  

The first official day of summer may still be a couple weeks away, but down here in Florida we’ve been feeling the heat for over a month already.  My favorite part of the summertime is having a cool cocktail with some fresh fruit and ice cream treats outside on the porch or by the pool. 

Cool Cocktails and Fresh Foods


Easy and Delicious Thanksgiving Day Football Appetizer

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Easy and Delicious Thanksgiving Day Football Appetizer

Thanksgiving is next week! For my family that means football, and with football comes delicious snacks!  We have a family tradition of traveling up to Kiawah Island in South Carolina, to spend Thanksgiving with my brother.  We rent a big house at the resort he works at for the week and we get in some great family fun time.  Come Thanksgiving morning, one TV will have the Thanksgiving Day Parade on and the other will have the football game on.

Because there is so much that needs to be cooked throughout the day to feed our entire family and all my brothers friends who are stuck working the holiday, oven space is limited.  So, we make these delicious chicken wings in the crock-pot.  They take up no oven space, are extremely simple to make, and everyone loves them!

Sweet and Tangy Chicken Wings

Bag of chicken wings
2 bottles of Lite Soy Sauce
2 cups of Sugar

Mix everything in the crock-pot and cook on high for 2 hours.

If you want a crispier wing, you can preheat the oven to 400 degrees, remove the cooked wings and place them on a greased baking sheet and bake for for 30 minutes. 

Most of my family likes them right out of the crock-pot, however my brother is usually the one throwing a dozen wings into the toaster oven.

Once the wings are cooked, it’s time to add a little dipping fun to the table!  As you’ve seen in my past posts, Heluva Good! Dip isn’t just for chips in my family. 
We dip our chicken wings, along with almost everything else in some delicious Heluva Good! Dip.  Heluva Good! Dips are made with real sour cream and flavorful spices that give the chicken wings that extra kick of flavor.

We set up a spread of several flavored Heluva Good! Dips including French Onion, Buttermilk Ranch, White Cheddar & Bacon and Bodacious Onion.

Are you ready to step up your holiday appetizers with some fun and flavorful dips?  You can find these bold-favored dips in the dairy aisle of your neighborhood supermarket!

What is your favorite food to dip?

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