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Michaels: Not Just for Craft Supplies?

As a crafter I frequent Michael’s ALOT! Seriously I had to stop going to the grocery store in the same plaza as our local Michael’s because my craft area was becoming a clip out of hoarders! (Now we have a hobby lobby that’s semi local and I’m in trouble all over again!)

However in all my trips to Michael’s in the past, I never paid much attention to there home decor section…. Until I happened to stumble into it last week while they were repositioning the store. I found it at the PERFECT time! I am redecorating my bedroom, and they have an amazing new shabby chic type line of products that happened to be on sale for 50% off (but I was so in love I probably would have made about 10 seperate trips with there signature 40% coupons to get the stuff had they not been on sale!)

Here’s what I found:

“Whats in the Bible” DVD series on SALE!

The “Whats in the Bible” DVD’s are on SALE!
I was so excited when I found this Coupon Code!
20% off this Memorial Day Weekend!
I have heard such great things about this DVD series and have been wanting get it for the kid’s sense I looked into it about 6 months ago.  However the $100+ price tag for the complete series kept making me postpone the purchase.  Of course while I was waiting more episodes where released to start the New Testament which is awesome but also meant getting the full series was even more $.  WELL I just ordered the complete 1-11 video series for $97.99!
I am so excited to have these in time for summer break, I have been looking for something the kids would find fun to aid me in their biblical teaching during the week, and this looks perfect.
It’s created by the “veggie tales” Creator, which my kids also like.
Follow the link over to “Whats in the Bible” add the DVD’s you want and in the final step of the check out process use the coupon code “MEMORIAL” and see the 20% savings, also receive free shipping on orders over $25!
The coupon code works on all there products, My OCD just made me “need” to buy the whole series.

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