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St. Patrick’s Day Dish Soap Two Ingredient Slime Recipe


Two Ingredient Dish Soap Slime Recipe!

I can bet that you’re child is obsessed with slime as much as my kids are.  Slime has literally taken over the nation, ever kid is figuring out fun new ways to create this sticky fun substance.

This recipe is incredibly simple with only 2 ingredients, and of course is green because St. Patrick’s Day is this week!  So, if you are still looking for some fun ways to celebrate with the kids this is a no-brainer.  Plus, make sure to check out my Magic Surprise Rainbow Rock Activity to make you’re child’s St. Patrick’s Day even crazier!


Make Your Own Quick and Easy DIY Lorax Costume

DIY Lorax Costume

DIY Lorax Costume

We’ve been celebrating all things Dr. Suess in my house all week and crafting like crazy.  Tonight we are reading The Lorax and then watching the movie, so the kids are excited to be wearing their DIY Lorax Costume.

I love that The Lorax is not only just an adorable story, it also shares a critically important message with our children about caring for our environment. 

With Dr. Suess’s Birthday just days away, I thought I’d share this quick easy craft that will turn your kids into Loraxes with just a few supplies.


Emoji Valentine Cards + Free Printable


Free Printable Emoji Valentine Cards

Are you on the hunt for last minute Valentine’s Day cards for your child’s school party?  I have the perfect easy set for you!

Emojis are all the rage right now!  My kids are obsessed with anything that has a poop or smiley faces on it, so these are perfect.  

Everyone loves Emojis!  So, grab some heavyweight paper and print out these adorable printable Emoji Valentines here!  I’m sure all the kids will get a kick out of them.


If you’re looking for another option, check out my Dinosaur Printable Valentine’s and Rosette Heart Cards too!



Dinosaur Valentine’s Day Card + Free Printable



Dinosaur Valentine’s Day Card + Free Printable

Are you still looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day cards for your kids?  These dinosaur Valentine’s are adorable and super easy to make!  Plus they offer an affordable option without the candy.  My dinosaur obsessed third grader is so excited to give them out next week and play with all their dinosaur figures together.


Glitter Cardstock 
White Paper 
Paper Cutter 
Glitter Tape or Washi Tape 
Glue Stick 
Mini Dinosaur Figures (Available at most Dollar Tree and Dollar General stores year around)


Print Valentine’s Day cards.

Use a paper cutter or scissors to carefully cut out each card. 

Use a paper cutter or scissors to cut glitter cardstock slightly larger than the Valentine’s Day card. 

Use a glue stick to attach the card to the cardstock. Allow the cards to dry completely. 

Use glitter tape or washi tape to attach a mini dinosaur figure to each card. 

Your cards are ready to be enjoyed. These are perfect for classroom exchanges! 


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