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5 Products and Tips for Making Thanksgiving Extra Fun and Easy!

This post is sponsored by all opinions are my own.

Tips to make Thanksgiving easier products you need

Tips to Make Thanksgiving Easier

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is this week!  This year is certainly flying by, but I’m excited to share some great products and tips to make this Thanksgiving extra fun.

Let someone else take care of the centerpiece this year, and let it double as a dessert!

Order one of these awesome fall arrangements from Edible Arrangements.  I love sending Edible Arrangements as a way to say thank you or for special occasions like birthdays, but ordering one as a centerpiece for my family is a great way to cross some decorating off my to-do list and I get to enjoy the beautiful yumminess!  They can be ordered up till 11/22, the day before Thanksgiving!

Edible Arrangement to make Thanksgiving Easier
We received the Salted Caramel Harvest Bouquet™ with Orange Swizzle Berries® which includes Salted caramel apple wedges, Chocolate dipped strawberries with festive orange Swizzle®, Playful pineapple leaves, Chocolate covered pineapple “apple”, and additional grapes, strawberries, cantaloupe in a keepsake pumpkin container that can be used again.

You can use one of these awesome coupon codes to save this holiday season:
Code: THANK17
$10 OFF $39+ ($49 for CA) valid 11/13 – 11/22, unlimited use, for fulfillment any time.
$20 OFF $99+, valid 11/13-11/22, unlimited use, fulfillment any time.

Skip the dirty dishes and get some canned beverages everyone will love.   

Sipp Sparkling Organics has an amazing line of refreshing sparkling beverages that everyone in your party is sure to love.  I received a couple of these to try, and immediately went out and purchased more for myself, they are so delicious!  There are 6 flavors to select from and these are deliciously chilled on their own or mixed with other juices or cocktails.  Created with a blend of fruits, herbs, and agave into a lightly sweetened sparkling beverage.

Make Thanksgiving easier with Canned Drinks

For alcoholic beverages, choose a signature beverage or two for the day, to keep the bar stocked up easily.  

Clean Cocktails for the Modern Mixologist from Blue Barn Publishing has countless ideas for excellent low-calorie cocktails.  Holistic health coaches Beth Ritter Nydick and Tara Roscioli bring a clean-living mindset to craft mixology. Their recipes use low-calorie spirits, fresh juices, clean sweeteners like honey and maple syrup, and anti-inflammatory spices.  Plus many of the recipes have pitcher sizes, which is perfect for holiday entertaining!  I can’t wait to create the Strawberry Limeade for my family and friends, this is one of my favorite cocktails ever!

Don’t forget your four-legged family members!  

Get them some extra yummy and nutritious snacks from Solid Gold!  Just in time for Thanksgiving, Solid Gold has come out with a new line of cat and dog treats featuring the flavors of your holiday dinner.  Brady loved these superfood chewy dog treats that combine flavors of turkey, sweet potatoes, and cinnamon!  They deliver a texture, smell, and taste in nutrient-dense reward for dogs of all sizes.  Brady has been eating these up, and it looks like we found his new favorite treat.

Thanksgiving treats for dog

Put the giving back in Thanksgiving with a unique way to help animals in need!  

The Petlanthropy Foundation was founded with only one goal, to help give all homeless cats and dogs a loving forever home.  This is a great cause to donate to during the holiday season, and all year long.

All these products awed certain to help you entertain your guests with ease so that you can focus on giving thanks, making memories, and gathering around the dinner table!

Our Thanksgiving Morning Tradition – Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

91st annual Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

Our Thanksgiving Morning Tradition

As a little girl, I remember waking up to a call from my Nana every Thanksgiving morning, asking if I was watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  My mother always hosted Thanksgiving dinner, however, Nana would arrive in the morning before Santa made his way down the streets of Manhattan.
I hold these memories close to my heart, and that is why I made sure to keep the tradition alive with my own children. 

We started another tradition a few years ago of spending Thanksgiving in Charleston, South Carolina with my brother and our parents.  We rent a large house on Kiawah Island and enjoy some family time, yet we still wake up every Thanksgiving to watch the dazzling floats and Character Balloons fill up the screen.

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Elf Float

This year marks the 91st Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and Macy’s has added some epic performances to the opening of the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  It will feature an all-star cast of celebrities all singing and dancing together in a performance of Dancin’ in The Street!  Also, as part of the first hour of festivities, Gwen Stefani will perform White Christmas at the Bryant Park ice rink!  New York during the holidays is always a breath-taking sight, while I wish I was one of the 3.5 million spectators that will be lining the streets of Manhattan, I’ll have to settle for being one of the 50 million people watching from the home, and cozying up with some coffee and my munchkins sounds just as good.  I can’t wait to see these performances though!

Make sure to tune in at 9 a.m. ET to watch the new opening of the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Star Blimp

Do you remember the first time you tuned in to watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade? What about the parade do you look forward to most each year?


Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Tradition

Our Turkey Caught on Fire, Let’s Make Thanksgiving Easier with Buca di Deppo!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Buca di Beppo® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
Now that I have children, I am usually the one to host Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner for my parents and brother if he is in town.  It works out well because my kids don’t have to leave their toys and I don’t have to worry about another person’s house being childproofed.
However a couple of years ago, my family was going through a hard time after the loss of my cousin.  I invited my aunt and uncle up because I knew they wouldn’t be up for cooking and my normal Thanksgiving family meal went from the usual 4 adults and 3 children to 8 adults and 4 children, plus 2 dogs.
So there I was, a woman still learning how to cook and entertain trying to figure out how to coordinate a holiday meal for a dozen people.  Add to that the fact that I had never prepared a turkey before.  Up until last year, my mother would always prepare the bird and then my father would stop by early Thanksgiving morning and put it in my oven.
The morning started early between baking, side dishes, the turkey being dropped off, and some Italian dished mixed in.  I thought everything was going ok, I was stressed with the alternating of cleaning and cooking all morning, but I was getting things done.  Then my husband basted the turkey, recovered it, and shut the oven door.  Two minutes later we saw flames and smoke seeping out of the oven door!  The juices had overflowed and caught on fire!
I screamed while grabbing my children and yelling “I’m calling 911”.  Once I had the kids out in the car, I ran back in to see that my husband had poured a big bowl of water over the turkey and oven. Luckily the fire was out, however, the turkey was wet and still needed to finish cooking.
We spent the next hour cleaning out the oven so that it wouldn’t smoke too bad, and then proceeded to cook the turkey.
We ate pretty late that Thanksgiving and I are lucky that I have such a laid back family that just came in, helped, and hung around having fun together.
However looking back on that Thanksgiving, I realize how much more I would have been able to enjoy my holiday and my family if I had forgone all the stress and simply ordered our Thanksgiving feast from Buca di Deppo.  I would have been able to order everything with a Thanksgiving Party Pan Feast to go ahead of time and then used the curbside pickup on Thanksgiving morning.  I wouldn’t have had countless pots and pans to wash and would have been able to relax and enjoy watching football games with my family and parades with my kids.
The Thanksgiving Feast includes all the yummy stuff I usually make except I get to enjoy my holiday too!  The items included are classic Thanksgiving items with an Italian twist, such as Sliced white meat turkey, homestyle gravy, roasted garlic mashed potatoes, spicy Italian sausage stuffing, green beans, and cranberry sauce and even pumpkin pie!
Now that life has calmed down and it’s back to just being my parents, my husband, and I with the kids, I am considering making Thanksgiving reservations at Buca di Deppo to dine in this Thanksgiving while we are down at my parent’s place in Florida.
The idea of having no dishes, no cleanup, and my kids being able to order off the regular menu if they pull the “I don’t like the turkey” stunt, has me very intrigued.  Buca di Deppo has me reconsidering our current holiday traditions for sure!

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15 Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Recipes


If you find that you have a ton of leftover Thanksgiving turkey, don’t worry! Here are 15 amazing recipes that will be perfect for all your upcoming meals!

Buying a turkey for Thanksgiving is so hard! How many pounds of a bird do you really need to feed your whole family and holiday guests? Honestly, I think that no one truly knows the answer to that which is why there is always so much leftover Thanksgiving turkey!

In our house, there’s no shame in our leftover game. I refuse to throw away perfectly good food and am always on a mission to find ways to use last night’s dinner to make it tonight’s dinner. Most times, I succeed!

If you find that you have piles upon piles of turkey from your Thanksgiving meal, here are 15 amazing leftover Thanksgiving turkey recipes that will keep you weekly meal planner full and ready to rock. Don’t waste the delicious turkey meat! And if worse comes to worse, you can always freeze it to use for a later point in time!

Having leftover food options is always a good idea because it takes away the waste and worries about creating something new! 

Are you trying to figure out what to do with all your Thanksgiving leftovers?  Here are 15 great recipes to try!

Turkey Noodle Soup by Pressure Cooking Today

Gollywood Here I Come – Book Review and Giveaway

*Disclosure:  We were gifted this Gollywood Here I Come to facilitate this review; All opinions 100% my own*
Gollywood Here I Come Book Review

Gollywood Here I Come

Lights! Camera! Anamazie!  Let’s Read Gollywood Here I Come

This new children’s book tells the tale of a young turkey’s rise to stardom.

Lilly is in love with the book, we’ve read it about a dozen times today!  She thinks the little turkey Anamazie is adorable. 
Anamazie grew up in a small town called Gobbleville, and studied acting, singing, and dancing while staying in the local spotlight as a star baton twirler.  This cute story follows Anamazie’s journey on Gobbleville’s Got Talent and ultimately how she ended up making it to Gollywood!
It’s turkey season with Thanksgiving right around the corner, and the Gollywood Here I Come will be waddling into stores and online November 11th! 
This is a cute addition to your turkey fun this year!
Enter to win a copy of “Gollywood Here I Come”
Giveaway ends November 15th, 2014

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