We had 2 huge bags full of apples from our apple picking trip so one of the ways the kids asked to use them was to make caramel apples. This is a new tradition for us, we always make apple crisp and pies but for some reason we haven’t made caramel apples before.  I was excited to try though and wanted to make it a really fun activity for the kids. 

For dipping we had:
Caramel (I melted Vanilla Caramel candy squares)
White Chocolate
Purple Chocolate
Orange Chocolate
Crushed Pretzels
Candy Corn
Halloween Themed Sprinkles
Crushed Butterfingers
 The kids had a blast dunking the apples in everything and getting as sticky as possible.  They didn’t want to stop but eventually we ran out of caramel.  We put them in the fridge to harden and I could hear little hands checking on them every few minutes.
They turned out so yummy and the kids were all so proud of their creations!
This is definitely an activity we’ll be repeating next year!

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