*Disclosure: We received complementary tickets for the Boston Duck Tour, all opinions are 100% my own*
 I love exploring Boston, I’ve lived within 30 minutes of the city my entire life and I still learn new facts about its history and find new things to do every time I visit.  Last week we got to go on a Boston Duck Tour, and I must say it was one of the funnest things I’ve done in the city! 
It was an amazing tour!  Our tour guide had the best personality and had us laughing all around the city, while we learned about the history of Boston.
The best part of the Boston Duck Tour is that it is a fun time for all ages!  My husband and I loved the relaxing ride around our home city and found some new places we’d like to visit.  Anthony, who is my history lover enjoyed learning an insane amount of facts about Boston.  He couldn’t wait to go to school the following day to tell his class everything he could remember.  Plus the twins, who are often hard to entertain, thought the Duck Tour was “more than cool”.  Getting a Duck whistle, riding a truck into a river, and then getting to drive it!  The kids were on cloud nine!

There are three Boston Duck Tour departure locations, one at the New England Aquarium, one at the Museum of Science, and an other one at the Prudential Center.  Each tour lasts approximately 80 minutes and shows you over 35 famous Boston landmarks.
We took the tour that left from the front of the New England Aquarium.  Which worked out perfectly for a nice summer day in Boston.  We spent a few hours exploring the aquarium, then had lunch outside by the harbor, and then as a perfect finally started our Duck Tour.
Some of our favorite sites were the Arlington Street Church, Bunker Hill, TD Garden, Cheers, Beacon Hill, Boston Common, and the Public Gardens.
For a full list of the landmarks included in each tour, click here.
Half way through the tour came the excitement of driving into the Charles River!  The kids eyes couldn’t get any wider or sparkle any brighter when they realized Mommy was telling the truth, the truck really was becoming a boat!
As if the excitement of riding in a truck that can drive into a river wasn’t exciting enough, once we got far enough into the river the tour guide began letting the kids take turns driving the duck.
This is surely a memory that my kids will never forget!
 Luckily she handed out stickers to all the kids who drove the boat because Aidan was very concerned that no body would believe that he really drove a big duck.  It was adorable! 
Aidan was disappointed when our ride was over, but we will definitely be taking this tour again!  I can’t believe I’ve never taken this adventure before.  I highly recommend Boston Duck Tours to everyone, whether your a Bostonian or a Tourist, there is so much fun to be had aboard these fun Ducks! 

Before we could leave, Lilly had to get her picture taken with our tour guide because “she’s so strong”.
The 2015 ticket rates are:
Adult: $35.99  and  Children: $24.99
They also have special pricing for students, seniors, and the military.
Seats are assigned when you buy your tickets, so you can make sure your sitting with your family.  There’s no reason to stand around trying to be first on the Duck Tour.  This is definitely a perk with fidgety kids.
If your planning on visiting other landmarks in the city, make sure you start with Boston Duck Tours so that you can use the “Passport to Savings” coupon pamphlet they give you when you book your tour.
Learn more about the Boston Duck Tours and get social!

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