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Best Insurance Companies

Every time I get on the internet now I feel like I see my friends constantly looking for the most affordable insurance options.  A while ago I decided it was time to review my home and car insurance. Not my favorite task, but it’s become a lot easier since I started using Clearsurance. Clearsurance is a website that collects reviews from people about their insurance company and uses the data it gathers to create unbiased rankings of insurance companies, both by state and nationally for 2018. The detailed breakdown helps you compare companies and find coverage that’s actually the best deal for your location and history.

Being able to get honest feedback about different companies on Clearsurance has totally boosted my confidence. Instead of fumbling through trying to pick a carrier, I can make an informed decision about what’s best for me, based on a bunch of factors about my life!

Take NJM, for example. For over 100 years the New Jersey Manufacturers Company has aided the residents of New Jersey and eventually expanded to Pennsylvania. What you don’t know is at the end of year NJM returns to the policyholders! Policyholders were paid $116 in 2016.

From their reviews, consumers appreciate the customer service provided, no matter the situation. One user wrote, “NJM has been excellent and are very easy to work with on any and all issues. They have been very helpful in any call I have made to them to inquire about information or more detail.”

If you’ve used NJM, I want to hear more about your experience! You can leave a review on this page. I’ll just be over here stalking the comments.

NJM offers car, homeowners and renters insurance in New Jersey and Pennsylvania, but if you’re not located in one of those areas, fear not! I took a few seconds to look around and find some of the most innovative, affordable, and highly rated insurance companies of 2018.

What other insurance companies are changing the game?

If you’re looking for a company with a cause, Lemonade, is an incredible option. They offer homeowner’s and renter’s insurance powered by smart AI, and are highly rated on Clearsurance. People who have used Lemonade rated them 4.67/5. For contrast, Geico only has a rating of 4.23. And while I love getting the hard numbers, I always come back to those genuine personal reviews, which Clearsurance has too! One customer shared their experience with the company, writing “I rented an apt in NYC and I was looking for a renter’s insurance. I tried Geico, but the experience was not optimal and didn’t proceed. Then I came across Lemonade…I understood immediately what they cover. A few clicks later I had renters insurance. The onboarding experience was great. They also have an app that guides you through the whole process. Renters insurance should be simple. 5 stars.”

Reviewing the Lemonade page on Cleasurance, I can absolutely see what this user was talking about. The company is transparent, with a goal of creating social good. They take a flat 20 percent fee out of your insurance premiums and use the rest of it to pay claims. Lemonade takes the extra money after it pays claims and donates it to nonprofit charities that its policyholders choose. That’s exactly the kind of passion I love about these bold new companies. They know we care, and they wield cool new technology to help us spend our money more efficiently while still giving back.

Then there’s Root, with a nearly perfect user rating on Clearsurance. They use a pre-insurance tracking phase to decide whether to insure you, and because they learn so much about their customers, they can offer much better deals than a run-of-mill insurance company.

A couple other standouts for me: Metromile and Clearcover. These are both car insurance companies. Metromile is rated highly on Clearsurance and offers the unique option of pay per mile insurance. I’d definitely consider this company if I put fewer miles on my car! Clearcover also offers an unconventional approach to insurance. They’re a startup on a mission to trim the unnecessary costs of auto insurance. They’re currently only offering car insurance in California, but they’re a company I’ll be keeping an eye on.

Clearsurance has been such a great resource for me as I navigate insuring all of the important things I own. When I’m not checking the ratings page or lurking through the customer reviews, I’m over on their blog, finding helpful tips for navigating the insurance industry – most of the time, they’re things I never would have thought to ask! If you’ve used an insurance company, I really recommend leaving a review for them on Cleasurance.

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