Last fall we where at a new Brazilian restaurant having the usual rodizio style dinner.  This  is when the waiters continuously bring barbequed meat, pork, sausage, and chicken around on big skewers and cut off pieces at your table.  In my travels I’ve also come across peppers, bananas, bacon, chicken hearts and many other types of food on these skewers.  However this restaurant had one of my favorite fruits on the menu, Pineapple! Yummmmm
The pineapple was covered in caramelized cinnamon and had been grilled for hours, I was instantly addicted along with the rest of the family.  Unfortunately we don’t have a industrial sized rotisserie oven so I had to copy there version in the oven.
1. Grab a whole pineapple 

2. Cut off the top and bottom and remove all the skin
3. Mix up some cinnamon and sugar, and roll and pat the cinnamon onto the pineapple so that it is completely covered
4. Put it in the oven, if your lucky you can fit it in right next to a small ham… double yummm
Cook for 45 minutes at 350, or at a lower temp for a longer period of time if you put it in with the ham.  The goal is to soften the inside of the pineapple and caramelize the outside.
If you grew up, like me, having canned pineapple and cherries on your ham,  you have to try it this way!

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