Product samples were submitted for review, all opinions are my own.
I love buying games for the kids.  Whether I’m getting games for family game night, games they can play alone, or games that will keep them entertained together so that I can get some things done.  With electronics and the kids always wanting more screen time, buying them a game that makes them want to put down the device and work their brain while bonding with each other and me seems like a perfect gift.
This holiday season I have come across some fun new games that I am excited to be playing with my munchkins.  Take a look, these will be great additions under your tree too!
This is a very exciting game that is perfect for keeping the everyone laughing.  Just add some whipped cream onto the hand of the game unit and start turning the handles. It can go off at any time so each player turns the handle in suspense hoping their not the one to get hit in the face!
The Riddle Edition Treasure Hunt game is a seek and find literacy game that combines thinking skills and physical activity.  Children read the clues and solve the riddles to find the next location for the next clue.  This is a fun and educational game that keeps the kids thinking and moving.
A fun science kit that lets you conduct multiple colorful experiments by just adding milk.
A trivia game that helps you learn the flags of all the countries of the world plus different facts about each country.  Anthony loves this game and it really has helped teach him so much about the geography of the world.
A perfect travel game that can be played alone or against an opponent.  There are several different games that can be played using different rules and pressing the bubbles on the grid game board. 

Players roll the Beanie Boo’s die to move along the game board. Be the first player to collect all your cute character’s shapes to win the game.  A fun game that helps memorization skills while learning colors, numbers, and shapes.
Another easy travel game, players take turns pressing down mouses in a single row.  The player who presses down the last mouse loses. 

Linknotize is a card game that asks you to use a device to click your way between two unrelated topics until you connect them.  Roll the dice, select two topics, set the timer for three minutes, click through Wikipedia and get Linknotized!

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