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4 Ways I am Getting Fit and Healthy in 2019

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With the new year comes all kinds of new goals.  My biggest goal for 2019 is to get fit and healthy.  As a busy mom, it is easy to get caught up in the day to day stressors and forget to take some time out to focus on me.  As a result, I have slowly fallen out of shape over the past several years and am now at my heaviest which has done a number on my self-esteem.  I am sick and tired of feeling sick and tired, so let’s do this 2019!

How I am Getting Healthy in 2019

Drinking Lots of Water

When I talk to my fitness savvy friends about how I am feeling, the one thing I hear from every single one of them is “Drink Your Water!”.  Honestly, water and I are not friends, I never outgrew my elementary school phase of telling my parents “it tastes like nothing”, but I am starting to realize my body needs it.  The two things that have gotten me to drink close to a gallon of water a day are getting a new water bottle because shopping always inspires me and adding fresh fruit and veggie slices to my water to give it a touch of flavor.

Getting My Family Active

When we moved to Florida the thing I loved most about this state was the amount of outdoor living that was available.  The Tampa area is packed with outdoor activities, sports, and family fun that can be done 12 months out of the year.  I want to get active while making memories with my kids and also showing them that staying fit can be fun.  So I am making a point to get out on the paddleboard, take an afternoon bike ride, or race the kids in the pool as often as possible.

Get To The Gym and Get My Heart Rate Up in a Judgement Free Zone®

I joined Planet Fitness a while back because I loved that there was a location within a mile from my house and best of all like many of their clubs it was fully staffed 24 hours a day. After joining several other gyms in my adult life I didn’t know how it was going to work out, I hate walking into a gym full of perfectly fashioned bodybuilders and models, who turn their noses up at the mom who shows up in her daytime yoga pants and an oversized t-shirt. however, it was one of the best decisions I made, I feel completely comfortable from the moment I walk in, they truly are a Judgement Free Zone® that is welcoming to everyone. I work out beside people of all ages and all sizes, there are athletes who are in amazing shape and people just starting their fitness journey.  Plus they provide brand name cardio and strength equipment, fully equipped locker rooms, flat screen televisions, unlimited small group fitness instruction by a certified trainer through the pe @ pf® program, and much more.

Planet Fitness also provides members with an opportunity to connect and support each other with “Planet of Triumphs,” an online community that celebrates triumphs both big and small, allows members to share their stories and encourage one another to reinforce Planet Fitness’ belief that “everyone belongs”!

Practicing Better Self Care and Letting Myself Relax a Little

Yes, I am trying to push myself in my fitness journey each day, however, I also want this year to be about better self-talk and taking time to just relax a bit.  With 3 kids at home that can be difficult, but Planet Fitness has me covered!  When you upgrade to a Black Card membership you have access to several benefits including HydroMassage chairs, tanning, and so much more.  This way I get to give myself a little relaxation time after a great workout.


Get Down With Your Judgement Free Self at Planet Fitness

To start 2019 off the best way possible Planet Fitness is having a “Get Down with Your Judgement Free Self” celebration sale running through January 15th.  New members can join any location for just $1 down (enrollment fee) and $10 a month thereafter, with no commitment!

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Is 2018 going to be your year? Then head into a Planet Fitness near you and enter the Judgement Free Zone!

10 Proven Lessons to Get Your Child Reading Before First Grade

This sponsored post is brought to you by The Ucan Group and coordinated by Wendy’s Bloggers.

Shelana with girl Learning to read

Ever wondered why we wait until first grade to get our children reading? Before age six, children have enormous capacities for learning. Yet, some struggle to learn and others take to it easily.

With step-by-step, guided instruction from Ucan Courses, you can give your child the advantage of a lifetime. This proven method for teaching your child to read by first grade is getting attention. It gives kids a running start, boosts confidence, and eliminates that overwhelming feeling so many have on the first day of school. Importantly, it puts the parent in the driver’s seat: All you need is 10 minutes a day for 15 days!

10 Proven Lessons to Get Your Child Reading Before First Grade

Shelena creator of UCan Read ProgramMeet Shelana

Shelana is a first-grade teacher with more than 20 years of experience. She’s also a wife, mother, and grandmother. And, she can be your Ucan coach, guiding you in teaching your child to read.

Why Parents Love Ucan Kids

It’s fun, easy, and goes at the child’s own pace. It can also be used by nannies or grandparents. It gets results. The program builds skills in comprehension and retention – essential for young learners. It will have your child reading – and understanding – full sentences by first grade!

People who use Ucan Kids tend to be:

College-focused parents with an eye on Harvard who want to give their child every advantage.
Beginner parents who benefit from Shelana’s proven methods for teaching kids.
Busy parents who find that 10 minutes of paired and shared learning creates a special bond that reinforces learning.
Homeschooling parents who use the program as a foundation for learning.
Parents of a child with learning challenges who will benefit from early attention.

Ucan Kids Reading program Logo

As you give your child all the advantages of this remarkable methodology for learning to read, you’ll get super parenting tips and tons of support, games, and tools to download, and the joy that comes when you see your child reading, retaining, and comprehending words. For children everywhere, education really is the future. Once your child has discovered the magic of reading, a whole world of learning awaits.

Get started now: Sign up for the free 10 Step Cheat Sheet here, after which you’ll get three free training videos.

Don’t want to waste time? As part of this limited time offer, you can begin immediately by enrolling in the full online course. You’ll still receive the cheat sheet, the free training videos, and all the bonus educational tools. Learn more here.

Ucan Kids reading program



Starlink: Battle for Atlas at Best Buy

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product.

Switch Game Starlink Gift Idea

Are you looking for the hottest game of the season to put under the tree this year?  If so head to Best Buy and pick up Starlink: Battle for Atlas!  This new video game is a huge hit in my house, all 3 kids love it and have been playing it every chance they get!

It is a unique space adventure video game that lets you build a spaceship that connects to your controller and is available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One. Starlink: Battle for Atlas is a great gift option for all the little gamers on your holiday shopping list!

Starlink Battle for Atlas Switch

About Starlink: Battle For Atlas

In Starlink: Battle for Atlas™, you get to become part of a group of heroic pilots, dedicated to free the Atlas Star System from Grax and the Forgotten Legion.  You start by building your own modular starship model and mounting it to your controller.  Once you starship is ready it is time to take part in an epic space battle.

Need to change up your starship?  No problem, swap out the ship parts on your model and your in-game starship changes in real time!

Starlink: Battle for Atlas is an open-world space saga that features modular toy technology that allows players to assemble and customize real-world physical starships, link the starships to their game controller, and launch into an epic adventure across the Atlas star system, either in single player or with a friend in two-player split-screen local co-op.

Starlink series switch game

Each modular component and pilot attached to the starship appears instantly in-game, allowing players to directly affect the course of their battle in a meaningful way.

Mix and match pilots, ships, wings, and weapons to fully customize your dream starship while exploring seven of the unique alien planets in the Atlas Star System

The Starlink: Battle For Atlas Starter Kit Includes:

Controller mount
Flamethrower weapon
Frost barrage weapon
Mason Rana pilot
Shredder weapon
Starlink video game
Zenith starship

Starlink at best buy switch space game

Best Buy Promotion

Save $25 on Starter Packs, plus, save 30% on Starlink toys when you purchase them by December 22 at Best Buy!


Best Gift under the tree

Great Gift for Her – OS by Google and Fossil

The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product.

Fossil Smartwatch

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for your mother, daughter, sister, or another special woman in your life this holiday season?  The Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch is a beautiful watch that is sure to make her smile on Christmas morning!  

With its beautiful stainless steel design in rose gold, it is a stylish watch that is also packed full of features that everyone looks for in a smartwatch.  The Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch takes phone calls, plays music, tracks sleep activity and calories burned, is swim-proof, quick access to Google Pay, and so much more.  Making every minute matter with smart help from the convenience of your wrist.

Fossil Smart Watch Gift Idea

The Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch

Proactive Help From the Google Assistant

With Proactive help from the Google Assistant, this Fossil Smartwatch keeps you ahead of your day with proactive, personalized help.

Smarter Health Coaching from Google Fit

Get the motivation you need to maintain a healthier life with coaching and comprehensive activity tracking based on guidelines from the American Heart Association & World Health Organization.  The activity tracking includes distance, calories burned, activity, sleep activity, heart rate, how many steps are taken and the number of floors climbed.

Maximizes Your Time 

Maximize your time while the smartwatch keeps you updated on day to day happenings.  You’ll also be able to get more done and prioritize your time with more glanceable, easy to manage notifications of emails, texts, and phone calls.  Plus it offers you the option to quickly reply on the go using smart replies.  

Rose Gold Smart watch Charging Fossil

Plus the new Fossil SmartWatch is compatible with both IOS and Android, making it a smartwatch for everyone.

Head over to Best Buy to learn more about the Fossil Gen 4 Venture HR Smartwatch in time for the holidays!

Smart Watch by Fossil Rose Gold

My family’s Favorite Things To Do During The Holidays and How I Make The Holidays Easier

Thank you to Amazon for sponsoring this post in partnership with Forward Influence. All opinions are my own.

Holiday Traditions Easy Ideas Ornaments

Making The Holiday Season Easier

Does Amazon make your life simpler?  I remember several years ago, my husband was checking out on Amazon, and he signed up for an Amazon Prime trial.  At that time I was using Amazon to order and send an occasional gift to my brother who lived out of state, but I hadn’t yet grasped the full motherhood sanity saver that is Amazon.  We thought, ok we have it, we’ll enjoy it for the year and then whatever.

Well! That “whatever” turned into over 5 years, and now I can’t imagine living without it!  No dramatization, in the last week alone I sent my Godchildren up in Massachusetts holiday surprises, did 75% of my holiday shopping and my kids have watched countless shows. And, when my son came out this morning to say we were completely out of dog food, I ordered some with Prime same-day shipping, so the pup is happy and I didn’t have to leave my desk or get out of my yoga pants. Mom win!

While shopping on Amazon is part of my normal routine, during this time of year, Amazon helps me save time, stay stress-free, and enjoy the holiday season!

5 of My Family’s Favorite Things To Do During the Holidays

Decorate for the Holidays

As soon as the turkey is done on Thanksgiving, my kids are asking to decorate for Christmas.  Our favorite part is decorating outside. My neighborhood is packed with over the top decorated houses, so if the kids see our neighbor on the roof before us they think we are super late.

This is only our second Christmas in our new home so decorations this year were on the top of my shopping list, and this adorable pre lit Bumble stole my heart and the kids think he’s hilarious.

decorate outside amazon tips

Head outside for All the Holiday Activities

Our local zoo puts on an amazing Christmas event, there is a festival with sledding at our local park, and living in Florida means lots of theme park events to visit.

Amazon Prime Fleece Sweatshirt

We may live in Florida but the weather is still unpredictable in December.  It was 80 degrees over the weekend and today it is in the ’50s, so a heavy sweatshirt is a must for all the outdoor activities.  I had been eyeing the oversized soft fleece pullovers at the mall for weeks, but when the temperatures finally dipped and I could justify buying one they were sold out.  Luckily, Amazon had me covered and this comfy fleece pullover was at my doorstep in time for the weekend fun.

Bake all the Sweets

Nothing says Christmas to us like curling up on the couch with the tree lit, a holiday movie on, and some warm treats.  One of our go-to easy snacks is cinnamon rolls. With our AmazonBasics cast iron skillet and dutch oven creating fun holiday sweets or quick delicious meals on busy nights is a piece of cake, with very little cleanup!

Spending Time Playing and Unwinding as a Family

I love the holiday season, but sometimes we just need to take a break from the hot chocolate, lights, and gift wrapping to get outside and play.  My family loves heading out back and playing a great game of Ladder Toss while my husband barbecues dinner. This is such a fun game that everyone can play and the AmazonBasics Ladder Toss set is a perfect gift idea!

Amazon Basics Outdoor Toys

Shopping for the Perfect Gifts for Everyone We Love

We love buying, wrapping, and giving gifts to everyone special in our lives, however venturing out into stores to find the perfect gift can be stressful and extremely time-consuming.  So, Amazon is my go-to shopping spot for all my holiday gifts. With low prices and a huge selection, I can always find the perfect gift that will deliver a smile to the ones I love.

Catch Phrase Holiday Activities

Plus, everyone in the U.S. gets free shipping through December 18 for orders that arrive in time for Christmas – shop hundreds of millions of items with no minimum purchase amount!  That’s the largest free shipping selection in the country. Also, Amazon Prime members can get free same-day delivery or one-day shipping in 10,000 cities and towns on three million items this holiday season.

Are you still looking for the perfect gift for someone on your list?  Visit and make your holiday shopping easy this year.

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What are some of your favorite things to do during the holiday season?

Holiday Traditions tips

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