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When we first opened the Artur Knights and Dragons Playset I was terrified by the huge pile of cardboard that needed to be put together, and as I spent an hour building the play set I was getting even more aggravated.  Then I got into a rhythm and the building became easier.
Once It was put together I was very impressed by how sturdy and durable the set is.  When I saw that it was built out of cardboard my first impression was it would last a few hours at most with my rambunctious kids, however once I saw it fully built I was shocked at how sturdy and strong the structure is!  I am happy to say that after a week of fun and imagination our Krooom Set is still perfect! 

The set comes with a wide selection of characters and accessories which has kept the kids imaginations busy during this major blizzard over the last few days, which has kept mommy sane!
KROOM Details:
Artur Castle Playset-

Protect the magnificent castle and let down the drawbridge for imagination!
With lots of moving play features, hidden treasures and
Accessories. The story of Artur the young prince and Rafael the Dragon, is about to begin….
Kids are transported to a world filled with marvelous missions, castles, dragons and knights.

The castle’s beautiful, but foreboding walls are a garrison of strength with parapets, turrets, sliding prison door, lowering drawbridge, ladders and the royal crest. Knights patrol the wall tops, flaming dragons fiercely attack and the noble prince rallies the troops for victory.

Build a castle fortress that’s strong, impressive and eco-friendly too! Creativity and logic enter in as kids fight daring battles with Krooom.

Every durable, reinforced laminated printed board fits together precisely and holds up like a fortress should. The castle grows higher until it reaches 1 and 1/2 feet high by 2 feet wide. Every noble character is put into place.

Product size:
73 X 59 X 56 cm
29.2” X 23.6″ X 22.4”
Ends on February 10th 2015

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